KALEIDOBOLT.- ‘ THIS ONE SIMPLE TRICK’ (Finlandia) proto-metal, fuzz, progressive, Stoner, hard-rock, 70’s, (reseña aquí)

WO FAT.- ‘THE SINGULARITY’ (US) desert-rock, fuzz, stoner, hard-rock, blues, proto-metal, psychedelic-rock (reseña aquí)

GNOME.- ‘KING’ (Belgica) psychedelic-rock, Stoner, heavy-rock, desert-rock, hard-rock, 70’s

FUZZ MEADOWS.- ‘ORANGE SUNSHINE’ (Australia) psychedelic-rock, stoner, fuzz, desert-rock, post-rock (reseña aquí)

KIKAGAKU MOYO.- ‘KUMOYO ISLAND’ (Japón) psychedelic-rock, kraut, rock, space, acid-folk

DA CAPTAIN TRIPS.- ‘MATHS OF THE ELEMENTS‘ (Italia) instrumental, psychedelic, psychedelic-rock, kraut

SYBERIA.- ‘STATEMENT ON DEATH’ (España) post-rock, post-metal, instrumental, rock

HASHISHIAN.- ‘HASHISHIAN’ (Indonesia) psychedelic-rock, drone, meditative, psychedelic, acid-rock, doom

KADAVERMARCH.- ‘INTO OBLIVION’ (Dinamarca) Stoner, psychedelic-rock, heavy-rock

STÖNER.- ‘TOTALLY’ (US) Stoner, desert-rock, fuzz, swamp-rock, blues, rock

BIRDSTONE.- ‘LOSS‘ (Francia) blues, rock, Stoner, hard-rock, heavy-rock, 70’s

MAAT.-MAAT’ (Mexico) psychedelic-rock, instrumental, kraut, jam-band,

ARKON.- ‘HYPERICUM’ (Italia) heavy-rock, Stoner, heavy-metal, proto-doom,

UFOMAMMUT.- ‘FENICE’ (Italia) psychedelic-rock, post-metal, experimental, metal, space

STRANGE HORIZON.- ‘BEYOND THE STRANGE HORIZON’ (Noruega) heavy-rock, doom, metal, doom, hard-rock

WASTE A SAINT.- ‘HYPERCARNIVORE’ (Noruega) fuzz, hard-rock, stoner, psychedelic-rock

KUNGENS MAN.- ‘KUNGENS LJUD & BILD‘ (Suecia) psychedelic- rock, space, kraut, improvisation, experimental,

SLEEP’S SISTER.- ‘ESCHEATMENT’ (Israel) darkwave, dark-ambient, post-metal, experimental

SLOW DRAW.-‘BORN IN COFFINS’ (US) experimental, drone, ambient,

LU SILVER.- ‘LUNELINESS’ (Italia) psychedelic-rock, psychedelic, dark-folk, folk, rock


Álbum de la semana

MR.BISON.- ‘SEAWARD’ (Italia) heavy-psych, psychedelic-rock, progressive-rock, heavy-rock, stoner, blues


APODEMUS.- ‘SIGNAL’ (Rusia) instrumental, psychedelic-rock, jam band, space-rock, Stoner

HORIZON.- ‘THE WHITE PLANET PATROL’ (España) desert-rock, fuzz, Stoner, heavy-psych, hard-rock

SONS OF OTIS.- ‘ISOLATION’ (Canada) doom, Stoner, fuzz, heavy-psych

OCULT HAND ORDER.- ‘THE CHAINED THE BURNED THE WOUNDED’ (Francia) heavy-psych, Stoner, fuzz, doom psychedelic-rock

MOLASSESS.- ‘THROUGH THE HOLLOW’ (Holanda) progressive-rock, progressive-metal, psychedelic-rock,

HAWERY.- ‘FEAST OF VULTURES’ (Alemania) heavy-rock, fuzz, stoner

YAJAIRA.- ‘TURBIAS VISIONES’ (Chile) Stoner, hard-rock

MAD DOGS.- ‘WE ARE READY TO TESTIFY’ (Italia) hard-rock, garage-rock, proto-punk, rock & roll, stoner

SAUTRUS.- ‘M.A.P.’ (Polonia) Stoner, desert-rock, metal, psychedelic-rock, progressive, fuzz

FALSE GODS.- ‘NO SYMMETRY… ONLY DISILLUSION’ (US) sludge, metal, doom, stoner

SIX STEPS ABOVE THE EARTH/I.THE CHAOS.- ‘SUBLIMATION’ (Grecia) noise, experimental, drone, psychedelic

JHUFUS.- ‘TALES FROM THE ONION CITY’ (España) heavy-psych, psychedelic-rock, instrumental

ABYSM.- ‘A GRIN REMINDER’ (Irlanda) doom, sludge, metal

FOLSOM.- ‘BONZAÏ’ (Francia) psychedelic-rock, blues-rock, rock, stoner, funk, psych, country

OH SEES.- ‘METAMORPHOSED’ (US) alternative, garage, psychedelic, punk, kraut

SAMBA CEMETERY.- ‘BLACK EYE EP’ (Alemania) alternative, metal, Stoner-metal, grunge

STONE REBEL.- ‘FLYIN’ EARTH’ (Francia) psychedelic-rock, instrumental, stoner

CALL OFF DEAD.- ‘HEAT AND HARD LABOR’ (US) sludge, metal, doom

HENRIK PALM.- ‘POVERTY METAL’ (Suecia) metal, progressive-metal, heavy, rock

CANNABINEROS.- ‘VOL. 1’ (Alemania) psychedelic-rock, fuzz, kraut, Stoner, proto.metal

VESTA.‘ODYSSEY’ (Italia) instrumental, post-metal, progressive-rock post-rock,

TEMPLE OF THE FUZZ WITCH.- ‘RED TIDE’ (US) fuzz, heavy-psych, doom, stoner

SLOW DRAW.- ‘QUIET JOY’ (US) psychedelic-rock, drone, ambient, experimental

SPIRIT ADRIFT.- ‘ENLIGHTENED IN ETERNITY’ (US) metal, heavy-metal, doom

RETURN TO WORM MOUNTAIN.- ‘ACOUSTIC TRACKS 2020’ (Sudafrica) acoustic, acid folk, psychedelic, rock, americana

THE MESSENGERS BIRDS.- ‘EVERYTHING HAS TO FALL APART EVENTUALLY (US) alternative, rock, stoner, shoegaze, psychedelic

HAWKESTREL.- ‘PIONERS OF SPACE’ (UK) psychedelic-rock, space-rock, progressive-rock

FUMAROLE.- ‘VALLEY OF TEN THOUSAND SMOKES’ (Australia) stoner, heavy-rock, fuzz

BBSITTER CLUB.- ‘BBSITTER CLUB & PARTY’ (US) rock, progressive-rock, math-rock, blues, garage, country

LONG SINCE DARK.- ‘BENEATH THE RUINS OF MAN’ (US) metal, black-metal, ghotic-metal, doom-metal

CLOCKS.- ‘THE HEADSMAN’ (US) Stoner, fuzz, heavy-rock, proto-metal, hard-rock, 70’s