THE AGE OF TRUTH.- ‘RESOLUTE’ (US) fuzz, hard.rock, heavy-rock, psychedelic-rock, blues, heavy-blues, stoner, proto-metal, stoner metal (reseña aquí)

THE WIZARD.- ‘TEXAS HEAD VOL.3‘ (US) psychedelic-rock, heavy-psych, psychedelic, instrumental, jam

FUZZY LIGHTS.- ‘BURIALS’ (UK) psychedelic-rock, progressive-rock, folk-rock, Stoner, heavy-psych

WOODCREEPER.- ‘MEPHISTO’S KITE‘ (US) Stoner, heavy-psych, hard-rock, 70’s, 90’s, blues, grunge

MAD SHAMAN.- ‘MILLIONS OF MILES’ (Grecia) Stoner, desert-rock, fuzz, blues, grunge

ASTRAL MAGIC.- ‘THE MIST OF ORION’ (Finlandia) psychedelic-rock, space, experimental ,  rock, electronic

THE ZOOLOGY.- ‘SWAMP STOMP’ (Australia) blues, rock, psychedelic-rock, garage

GREAT GREY.- ‘THE INFINITE DREAM’ (US) hard-rock, rock, Stoner, fuzz, psychedelic-rock, 70’S

CONGULUS.- ‘TILSIM’ (Turquía) psychedelic-rock, oriental, psychedelic, instrumental, anatolian, space

THE FREE ROCK TRIO.- ‘NEW THREADS IS DEAD’ (US) rock, hard-rock, jam-band, psychedelic-rock, 70’s, funk

OUTSTATION.- ‘MALEVOLENT ENERGY‘ (UK) rock, progressive-rock, psychedelic-rock,

MELT.-‘MELT‘ (US) hard-rock, rock, psychedelic-rock, fuzz, stoner

SWEET DREAM.- ‘CURSED’ (US) rock, rock & roll, hard-rock, southern, psychedelic-rock

ABSYNTH.- ‘PLÉBE 2178’ (Bélgica) Stoner-doom, doom, metal, sludge, psychedelic-rock

CAVERN DEEP.- ‘CAVERN DEEP’ (Suecia) heavy-psych, psychedelic-rock, doom, Stoner-doom

STONEMONGERS.- ‘JOIN THE TRIP!’ (Rusia) Stoner, psychedelic-rock, heavy-psych, instrumental

TÄLAMON,. ‘I SINOM TID’ (Suecia) psychedelic, doom, stoner, rock,

MAMA DOOM.- ‘ASH BONE SKIN N STONE’ (US) hard-rock, heavy-rock, psychedelic-rock, ocult-rock,

CRYPT MONARCH.- ‘THE NECRONAUT’ (Costa Rica) doom, heavy-psych, stoner-metal

BALTHVS.- ‘ECLIPSE SOLAR‘ (Colombia) latín, fusión, psychedelic-rock, instrumental

PLANET OF THE DEAD.- ‘PILGRIMS’ (Nueva Zelanda) fuzz, steoner, doom, sludge, heavy-psych

A SAD BADA.- ‘IMPURE MISANTHROPIA’ (Chile) doom-metal, sludge, post-metal

MONTEZUMA’S REVENGE.- ‘ S.W.I.M.‘ (Rusia) Stoner, sludge, metal , doom-metal

YANARI.- ‘BOTTOM OF THE UNIVERSE’ (US) sludge, Stoner, metal, doom

BABONA.- ‘MISKOLC‘ (Hungría) psychedelic-rock, stoner, heavy-psych


LUCID SINS.- ‘CURSED! (UK) 70’s, hard-progressive, folk-rock, psychedelic, psychedelic-rock. Reseña aquí

JORDSJØ.- ‘PASTORALIA’ (Noruega) progressive, folk, jazz, hard, 70’s, psychedelic-rock, rock. Reseña aquí

GREY MOUSE.- ‘A MOMENT OF WEAKNESS’ (Rusia) psychedelic-rock, blues-rock, hard-rock, rock,psychedelic-blues

METHADONE SKIES.-  ‘RETROFUTURE CAVEMAN’ (Rumania) post-rock, instrumental psychedelic, psychedelic-rock, progressive, kraut

ACID’S TRIP.- ‘STRINGS OF SOUL’ (Suecia) 70’s, hard-rock, rock, Stoner, classic-rock, progressive, soul, rock & roll

THE CROOKED WHISPERS.- ‘DEAD MOON NIGHT’ (US) Stoner, hard-rock, psych-doom, ocult-rock, proto-doom

MOON COVEN.- ‘SLUMBER WOOD’ (Suecia) ocult-rock, proto-doom, heavy-psych, retro, stoner

SHOGUN.- ‘TETRA’ (US) Stoner, heavy-psych, proto-metal, heavy-rock, hard-rock,

BOOK OF WYRMS.- ‘OCCULT NEW AGE’ (US) heavy-psych, space, stoner, blues, ocult-rock, psychedelic-rock. Reseña: aquí

PSYCHEDELIC SOURCE RECORDS.- ‘IN SEARCH OF ANCIENTE MYSTERIES’ (Hungría) psychedelic, jam-band, space, psychedelic-rock, improvisation

SEX BLENDER.- ‘STUDIO SESSION I’ (Ucrania) drone, heavy-psych, experimental, psychedelic-rock, jam, kraut, space, stoner. Reseña: aquí

ASTRAL MAGIC.- ‘THE CHOSEN ONES’ (Finlandia) space, instrumental, experimental, psychedelic-rock

VOKONIS.- ‘ODYSSEY’ (Suecia) heavy-rock, Stoner, progresive-rock, progressive-metal, doom-metal

CVLT OV THE SVN .- ‘WE ARE THE DRAGON’ (Finlandia) dark, metal, gothic-metal, heavy-metal, post-metal, ocult

BLUES FOR NEIGHBORS.- ‘CURSED SONGS’ (Polonia) dark-folk, blues, americana

SURFSQUATCH.- ‘REVEALED’ (US) hard-rock, stoner, fuzz, desert-rock, heavy-rock

AMOUR.- ‘HYPERBOREA’ (Belgica) instrumental, psychedelic, progressive, fusion

HAVE BLUE.- ‘LEARNING TO DIE’ (Alemania) psychedelic, blues, garage, alternative

DISTILLATO METALLI PESANTI.- ‘MERCURIO’ (Italia) blues-rock, stoner, hard-rock, grunge, alternative, desert-rock

JUKE COVE.- ‘REMEDY’ (Alemania) desert-rock, Stoner, fuzz, psychedelic-rock, heavy-psych

SUPERVOID.- ‘THE GIANT NOTHING’ (UK) rock, sludge, noise, psychdelic-rock, doom, blues

THE GRAND ASTORIA.- ‘THE SLOWEST GUITAR ALIVE’ (Rusia) psychedelic-rock, doom, experimental, psychedelic

TAUBERNAUT.- ‘ESCALATING FETISHIST’ (US) heavy-psych, psychedelic-rock, instrumental, jam

3RD EXPERIENCE.- ‘LILA’ (US) psychedelic-rock, psychedelic, space, rock, instrumental

SPACESLUG.- THE EVENT HORIZON’ (Polonia) heavy-psych, psychedelic-rock, space, stoner, doom

GEEZER.- ‘SOLSTICE’ (US) jam, psychedelic-rock, fuzz, psychedelic, heavy-psych, instrumental

GRAPESHOT.- ‘SUCKCESS’ (España) southern metal, Groove-metal, trash-metal, metal ,

APE VERMIN.- ‘ARTIC NOISE’ (US) progressive-metal, doom, sludge, metal,

GANESHA.- ‘THE GARDENER’  (España) metal, Stoner, heavy-metal,  psychedelic-rock

RIFF GIANT.- ‘CATACLSYM’ (Dinamarca) Stoner, heavy-metal, sludge

STONE ANGEL.- ‘SATANIC SMOKE CEREMONY’ (Nueva Zelanda) Stoner, doom, metal, sludge, post-metal

DOCTOR DIABLO.- ‘SON OF A BLACK SHEEP‘ (US) stoner, hard-rock, fuzz, blues

HOT KNIVES.- ‘MAKING LOVE TO MAKE MUSIC TO MAKE’ (US) hard-rock, 70’s, blues, psychedelic-rock, garage-rock,

GHOST IRIS.- ‘COMATOSE’ (Dinamarca), metal-core, metal, hardcore, metal

FRAGMENT SOUL.- ‘AXIOM OF CHOICE’ (Grecia) progressive, psychedelic, post-rock, progressive-rock,

BRETUS.- MAGHARIA (Italia) Stoner-doom, doom-metal, sludge, horror-rock

V.A. WEDIAN.- ‘TRIP TO GERMANY’ (Alemania) stoner, desert-rock, heavy-psych, psychedelic-rock, space, metal

PALE PREACHER .- ‘SADNESS MAKES ME LESS UNKIND’ (España) americana, folk, alternative, country

COSMO JONES BEAT MACHINE.- ‘ESQUELETON ELEVATOR’ (Finlandia) boogie-rock, rock, blues, swamp-rock

IRON MAN.- ‘HAIL TO THE RIFF’ (US) proto-metal, heavy-psych, doom-metal, heavy-rock, stoner


CACTUS FLOWERS.- ‘SOLACE EP’ (US) desert-rock, blues, psychedelic-rock, Stoner, fuzz

HOLLOW MIRRORS‘II’ (US) rock, psychedelic-rock, kraut, 70’s, space, progressive

MONONOKE.- ‘NOSTALGIA STIGMATA’ (Francia) heavy-psych, psychedelic-rock, Stoner, progressive,

HARD TIMES.- ‘LIVIN’ IN THE PAST’ (UK) hard-rock, 70’s, proto-metal, hard-progressive, blues

КОМВУИАТ ЯОВОТЯОИ.- ‘-270°C’ (Alemania) space, kraut, psychedelic.-rock, jam, instrumental

JOY GUERRILLA.- ‘THE PARK IS CLOSED’ (US) psychedelic, jazz, fusión, funk, vintage, electronic

SUNBURNED HAND OF THE MAN.- ‘PICK A DAY TO DIE’ (US) psychedelic, experimental, space,

THE MOON IS FLAT.- ‘ALL THE PRETY COLORS’ (US) hard-rock,psychedelic-rock, vintage, acid-rock, Stoner,

SCARECROWZ.- ‘DUSK OF ANOTHER DAWN’ (Canada) heavy-rock, fuzz, hard-rock, Stoner, blues-rock

HIT THE NOISE.- ‘STILL ALIVE’ (Brasil) Stoner, hard-rock, heavy-rock, blues-rock

BETTY BENEDEADLY.- ‘FROM THE MESA’ (US) desert-rock, psychedelic, western, surf, rock

MR. DEADLY.- ‘VIOLENTIAM VULGARES’ (US) heavy-blues, rock, hard-rock, americana, southern-rock, swamp-rock

ANTABUS.- ‘SEASON ENDER’ (Suecia) heavy-blues, psychedelic-rock, Stoner, hard-rock, alternative

THUNDER HORSE.- ‘CHOSEN ONE’ (US) heavy-rock, stoner, 80’s

DARK FOG.- ‘FRY AN EGG ON THIS’(US) heavy-psych

HÄXMÄSTAREN.- ‘SOL I EXIT’ (Suecia) proto-metal, stoner, fuzz, heavy-rock, stoner-metal

CERVERE.- ‘CERVERE’ (Francia) math-rock, metal, psychedelic, sludge

GARCIA PEOPLE.- ‘LIVE AT SONY MUSIC HALL’ (US) jam-band, psychedelic-rock, rock,

AMPLIFIER.- ‘INSIDER VERSIONS’ (UK) lounge, psychedelic, progressive, 70’s, ambient

JUMPING JACK.- ‘MERCURY’ (Francia) heavy-rock, Stoner, fuzz

THE WITCHERS.- ‘ACID NIGHTMARE’ (Mexico) psychedelic, Stoner, fuzz

SWAMPLORD.- ‘TOMBSTONE’  (Rusia) Stoner, desert-rock, fuzz, Stoner-doom

SAINT THOMAS X.- ‘MARS IN YOUR EYES’ (US) rock, psychedelic, shoegaze, 60’s, 90’s, country, americana

BENDED LIGHT.- ‘THE RETRAT’ (US) jam-band, psychedelic, improvisation, funk, blues, rock

DERIVA.- ‘HAIKU II’ (España) alternative, post-rock, post-metal

JAIALAI.- ‘AS SWEET AS I WAS’ (US)neo-psychedelic, psychedelic, indie

WOOD WITCH.-  ‘MALLEUS MALEFICARUM’ (US) heavy-metal, stoner, blues

BEASTIAL PÌGLORD.- ‘UFF’ (US) sludge, Stoner, metal,

ASTRAL MAGIC (DARK SUN).- ‘A CRACK IN THE FABRIC OF REALITY’ (Finlandia) experimental, psychedelic, space, ambient, instrumental

YAWNING MAN.- ‘LIVE AT MAXIMUM FESTIVAL’ (US) desert-rock, psychedelic-rock

SPACE SMOKE.- ‘AURORA DOURADA’ (Brazil) psychedelic-rock, space-rock, heavy-psych, Stoner,


SATORINAUT.- ‘EXCLUSIVE ALL INCLUSIVE’ (Hungría) jam-band, heavy-psych, space-rock, psychedelic-rock

PAMPS! LES PAMPLEMOUSSES ETHYLIQUES.- ‘OZYMANDAS’ (Francia) instrumental, psychedelic-rock, space, heavy-psych, stoner


PRAY.- ‘HEMERITH’ (Francia) instrumental, heavy-psych, stoner

ASTRAL MAGIC.- ‘IN ORBIT’ (Finlandia) instrumental, psychedelic, electronic, experimental, space

THUNDER VOLT.- ‘WANTED MAN’ (Rusia) fuzz, stoner, doom, sludge, alternative

GHOST FROG.- ‘ASTRAL ARCADE’ (US) post-punk, stoner, shoegaze, psychedelic-rock, fuzz

GREEN DRUID.- ‘AT THE MAW OF RUIN’ (US) Stoner, psychedelic-rock, doom, heavy-psych, metal


SOLAR ZERO.- ‘INTERROBANG’ (Rusia) heavy-psych, psychedelic-rock, space, fuzz

VELJET.- ‘VIVA EL DIABLO (REMASTERED)’ (Mexico) heavy-psych, instrumental, Stoner, psychedelic-rock

AMETHYST.- ‘LEJOS DE LA SALVACIÓN’  (Argentina) heavy-rock, hard-rock, blues-rock, rock, Stoner, 70’s

POTHAMUS.- ‘RAYA’ (Belgica) post-metal, doom, shoegaze, psychedelic-rock sludge

ATTERCOPUS.- ‘LAST UTTERANCE’ (UK) psychedelic-rock, psychedelic, space, heavy-psych, Stoner, hard & heavy, progressive-rock

KING WEED.- ‘THE SEVEN SINS IN DOOMSDAY’ (Francia) instrumental, heavy-psych, Stoner, psychedelic-rock, fuzz

SLEEPING PANDORA.- ‘ALL THE WAY’ (Alemania) neo-psychedelic, psychedelic-rock,

CRUMBLING DOWN.- ‘MORNING HAZE’ (Rusia) space-rock, progressive-rock, hard-rock, psychedelic-rock

POISON DELUXE.- ‘THE DEAD TREE BLUES’ (Italia blues, rock, vintage, garage-rock, stoner, psychedelic-rock, progressive

SPELLBALL TRIO.-SPELLBALL TRIO’ (Rusia) jazz, avant-garde, free-jazz, alternative

CLOUDS TASTE SATANIC.- ‘THE SATANIC SINGLE SERIES’ (US) instrumental, heavy-psych, stoner, doom, psychedelic-rock

BANTHA RIDER.- ‘BINARY SUNSET MASSACRE’ (Polonia) Stoner, instrumental

WEEDRUID.- ‘COME ON LET’S DRUID!’ (Alemania) stoner, hard-rock, fuzz, heavy-psych

FIRE IN THE FIELD.- ‘RESURRET’ (US) hard-rock, stoner, classic-rock, heavy-rock, funk

HYPERNAUT.- ‘OZYMANDIAS’ (Perú) stoner, proto-metal, 70’s, hard-rock, 90’s grunge, garage-punk


VARIOUS.- ‘RIPPLE​/​VRR: THE REVOLUTION TAPES’ (US) stoner heavy-rock, heavy-psych

FLOATING HEADS.- ‘NO REFLECTIONS‘ (UK) pychedelic-rock, stoner, alternative, neo-psychedelic

DAN EZRA.- ‘TELEPATHIC’ (Israel) psychedelic, psychdelic-rock, garage, rock, shoegaze

ALTIN GÜN.- ‘ORDUNUN DERELERI’ (Holanda) psychedelic, world, anatolian

SLUGWEED.- ‘MY BLIND FADERS EP’ (US) post-metal, atmospheric, sludge

STONED CENTURY.- ‘EARTHLESS SPIRIT‘ (Francia) instrumental, psychedelic, psychedelic-rock

URSULA.- ‘URSULA’ (Alemania) stoner, blues-rock, hard & heavy, rock,

UKKHU MUKHU.- ‘SONGS FOR LOLO’ (España) hardcore, Stoner, heavy-rock, noise

MORPHOLITH.- ‘NULL DIMENSIONS’ (Islandia) psychdelic-rock, fuzz, Stoner, space, sludge

COSMIC PROPHET.- ‘COSMIC PROPHET DEMO 2020’ (US) Stoner, hard-rock,fuzz, Stoner-punk

HEAVY MOON.- ‘HEAVY MOON 19’ (Canada) instrumental, psychedelic-rock, improvisation, space, fuzz


DEJALOSANGRAR.- ‘EN VIVO’ (Chile) psychedelic-rock, stoner, doom

WILLOW ASH.-‘HYPNAGOGIA’ (US) hard-rock, heavy-psych, Stoner, 70’s, blues


OLDBLOOD.- ‘ARMS TO THE SKY’ (UK) sludge, Stoner, doom,

MARTIN RUDE & JAKOB SCOTT DUO.- ‘THE DICHOTOMY OF CONTROL’ (Dinamarca) experimental, jazz, psychedelic, kraut, fussion


Álbum de la semana:

ACID MESS.- ‘SANGRE DE OTROS MUNDOS’ (España) heavy-psych, psychedelic-rock, alternative, progressive-rock, 90’s, rock



THE SILENCE.- ‘ELECTRIC MEDITATIONS’ (Japón) heavy-psych, rock, experimental, progressive-rock, psychedelic-rock , 70’s

KIMONO DRAG QUEENS.- ‘SONGS OF WORSHIP’ (Australia) psychedelic-rock, heavy-psych, kraut-rock, neo-psychedelic

GREAT GREY.- ‘FOLLOW ME’ (US) hard-rock, progressive-rock, heavy-psych, psychedelic-rock, sludge

HERE THE CAPTAIN SPEAKING, THE CAPTAIN IS DEAD.-  ‘FLUX CAPACITOR’ (España) psychedelic, space-rock, kraut-rock, psychedelic-rock

THUNDER CREEK.- ‘DARK WATER RISING’ (US) 70’s, classic-rock, hard-rock, psychdelic-rock, southern, acid-rock

LYKANTROPI.- ‘TALES TO BE TODL’ (Suecia) psychedelic-roc, progg, folk, rock, progressive-rock, vintage, 70’s

LA ORQUESTA DE ANIMALES.- ‘ARCHIVOS PERDIDOS REDUZ: (2007) (Mexico) heavy-psych, 70’s, acid-rock, psychedelic-rock,

DIXIE GOAT.- ‘THERE’S NO LIGHT WITHOUT DARKNESS’ (Chile) doom, stoner, hard-rock, fuzz, stoner-metal

EL ROJO.- ‘EL DIABLO ROJO’ (Italia) Stoner, fuzz, Stoner-metal

FLYINGDREAM.- ‘THE NIGHT’ (Francia) post-rock, instrumental

KULT OF CAIN.- ‘ENERGETIC VAMPIRE (Mexico) proto-metal, heavy-rock, psychedelic rock ,

ALBINOBEACH.- ‘THE LADDER’ (Sudafrica) post-metal, instrumental, progressive, psychedelic, post-rock, alternative

PUTA VOLCANO.- ‘LIVE AT TEMPLE’ (Grecia) Stoner, alternative, grunge, hard-rock


MUGSTAR.- ‘GRAFT’ (UK) improvistaion, space, psychedelic, instrumental, kraut

SKAGS.- ‘DIGITAL CAGE OF A CURSED GENERATION’ (Grecia) psychedelic. alternative, electronic, kraut, experimental, rock

MOTHUS & LOCUS.- ‘EXOPLANETS’ (Canada) psychedelic, space, experimental, psychedelic-rock, shoegaze, heavy-psych, stoner

THE COAL.- ‘ATLAS’ (Grecia) Avant-garde, experimental, free-jazz, noise

POPULATION II.– ‘Á LA Ô TERRE’ (Canada) heavy-psych, blues-rock, 70’s, acid-rock, progressive

LEMURIAN FOLK SONG.- ‘LIVE’(Hungría) jam-band, psychedelic-rock, heavy-psych, stoner

DIRTY SOUND MAGNET.- ‘LIVE ALERT’ (Suiza) psychedelic-rock, rock, psychedelic, progressive, classic-rock

DEAR MISSES.- ‘MONSTER¡S MOTHER’ (Suiza) jam-band, west-coast, rock, blues-rock, psychedelic-rock

THE BENNU.- ‘2019​-​10​-​31 | HALLOWEEN NIGHT/ TUCSON HOP SHOP’(US) jam-band, hard-rock, 70’s, psychedelic-rock, west-coast, progressive, jazz, blues-rock

ASTRAL MAGIC.- ‘INSIDE THE SPACE CABIN’ (Finlandia) experimental, electronic, space, psychedelic, kraut

MATRIATCH.- ‘DESCENSION’ (US) shoegaze, sludge, metal, doom

THE COAL.- ‘ATLAS.- (Grecia) experimental, drone, avant.garde, noise

RAINBOW FACE.- ‘STARS BLOW’ (US) psychedelic-rock, progressive-rock,

HEY COLOSSUS.- ‘DANCES / CURSES’ (UK) psychedelic-rock, rock, alternative,

FABLE CRY.- ‘FOOL ME ONCE’ (US) rock, hard-rock, progressive, opera-rock

JENNY NEWTON.- ‘SEAKEEPING’ (UK) folk- indie, acoustic

BABEL TRIO.- ‘THE MARTYR’ (Grecia) psychedelic, stoner, folk, heavy-rock

00.- ‘DEMONSTRATION SS/XX’ (US) sludge, metal, heavy-rock


TEMPLE.- ‘END PLANTS’ (US) stoner-metal, heavy-metal,

HERMIT’S WEEDSOM.- ‘HE WHO SEES IN THE DARK’ (Francia) instrumental, heavy-psych, doom, psychedelic-rock

ALEXANDER.- ‘ALEXANDER’ (Alemania) drone, doom , experimental, noise

WHITEGORRINO.- ‘THE RISE OF WHITEGORRINO’ (España) Stoner, Stoner-metal,

AT DEVIL DIRT.- ‘DEMO 2020’PART 1: SONGS FOR THE WITHERED’ (Chile) proto-metal, doom, stoner, stoner

AT DEVIL DIRT.- ‘DEMO 2020 PART 2: EVERYTHING ENDS HERE! CAMINO A LA EXTINCIÓN’ (Chile) proto-metal, doom, stoner, stoner

PONTIUS PILOT.-PONTIUS PILOT DEMO’ (Canada) doom, sludge, heavy-rock

BRIDGET WISHART & THE BAND OF DOCTORS.- ‘GHOST’ (UK) kraut, psychedelic, alternative, space

MONONOQUE.- ‘EPSILON PROPAGANDA’ (Francia) experimental, psychedelic-rock, progressive, doom

EVILDOG.- ‘THE SECRET’ (España) rock, alternative, 90’s , grunge

ASTROLABE.- ‘DEATH: AN ODE TO LIFE‘ (España) psychedelic-rock, progressive, experimental,heavy-rock, metal progressive

MASSIMO PUPILLO.- ‘ ‘THE BLACK IRON PRISON’ (Italia) Avant-garde, experimental, drone