PAPIR.- ‘7’ (Dinamarca) instrumental, psychedelic, ambient, psychedelic-rock, post-kraut (reseña aquí)

LAMP OF THE UNIVERSE.- ‘THE AKHASIC FIELD‘ (Australia) acid-rock, psychedelic, psychedelic-rock, 70’s, devotional, hard-rock, oriental (reseña aquí)

SUPERSONIC BLUES.- ‘IT’S HEAVY‘ (Holanda) 70’s, blues-rock, proto-metal, blues-rock, hard-rock, retro-rock, psychedelic-rock, stoner, heavy-blues (reseña aquí)

MAMVTH.- ‘THE FROG‘ (España) blues-rock, classic-rock, stoner, hard-rock, fuzz (reseña aquí)

FROZEN PLANET…. 1969.- ‘NOT FROM 1969‘ (Australia) heavy-psych, instrumental, jam-rock, psychedelic-rock, improvisation, jazz, kraut, space (reseña aquí)

TOUNDRA.- ‘HEX‘ (España) post-rock, post-metal, instrumental

JHUFUS.- ‘THE CALL OF THE MONOLITH’ (España) psychedelic-rock, heavy-psych, instrumental, space, stoner

SPACE COKE.- ‘LUNACY’ (US) 70’s, fuzz, heavy-psych, vintage, fuzz, space, stoner, proto-doom, (reseña aquí)

MUTHA TRUCKA.- ‘THE DEAD SESSIONS’ (US) hard-rock, Stoner, desert-rock, fuzz, 70’s, psychedelic-rock, funk

KING BASTARD.- ‘IT CAME FROM THE VOID’ (US) heavy-psych, doom, drone, psychedelic-rock, proto-doom, noise, stoner, stoner-doom, sludge

DRIFTER.- ‘DRIFTER’ (US) Stoner, instrumental, psychedelic-rock, heavy-psych, experimental

MISSISSIPPI BONES.-CREATURE FEATURES & CULT CLASSICS‘ (US) hard-rock, Stoner, blues-rock, heavy-rock,fuzz

BIG SCENIC NOWHERE.- ‘THE LONG MORROW‘ (US) desert-rock, stoner, psychedelic-rock, 70’s fuzz, progressive-rock

MOTH66.- ‘ LXVI‘ (US) fuzz, deserrt-rock, Stoner, hard-rock, heavy-psych

TROMBA + BRAINCANNER.- ‘SPLIT 2022’ (US) psychedelic-rock, heavy-psych, stoner, sludge

RESIDUAL COMRADE.- ‘SIRENS‘ (Canada) Stoner, psychedelic-rock, instrumental, 70’s, fuzz,desert-rock, progressive, heavy-psych

BLUE RUMBLE.- ‘BLUE RUMBLE’ (Suiza) 70’s, hard-rock, psychedelic-rock, 70’s, vintage, rock, blues, heavy-psych, instrumental

TOZUDO.-AQUÍ LA MENTIRA’ (España) alternative, 90’s, rock, progressive,

OCULTO.- ‘PENUMBRA’ (Mexico) metal, doom, stoner, heavy-rock

V.A.- ‘DOMINANCE  & SUBMISSION-A TRIBUTE TO BLUE OYSTER CULT’ (US) hard-rock, stoner, heavy-rock

BUFFALO REVISITED.- ‘VOLCANO ROCK LIVE’ (Australia) porto-metal, heavy-metal,

SONIKA HOWL.- ‘SONIKA HOWL’ (Suecia) psychedelic-rock, hard-rock, southern-rock, shoegaze

COLONIAL SKYWAY.- ‘EVENING ON EARTH’ (UK) experimental, ambient, drone, instrumental

TURKEY VULTURE – ‘TWIST THE KNIFE’ (US) stoner, metal, punk,

CRAW BELOW.- ‘IT’S MINISTERS ON EARTH’ (US) doomgaze, sludge, metal, hardcore, dark-doom

DIRECTIONAL.- ‘INVASIVE’ (Suecia) sludge, doom, metal, black-metal

SWAMP LANTERN.- ‘THE LORD IS WITH US’ (US) doom, psychedelic-rock, stoner, progressive-rock

SLOWBLEED.- ‘THE BLAZING SUN, A FIERY DAWN’ (US) heavy metal, hardcore, metal

DIMITRY.- ‘REVOLT’ (Republica Checa) Psych-Core, Metal