COLOUR HAZE – SACRED (Alemania) heavy-psych, psychedelic-rock, stoner, rock (reseña aquí)

ROBOT GOD.- ‘WORLDS COLLIDE‘ (Australia) heavy-psych, space, psychedelic-rock, blues, 70’s, Stoner, doom (reseña aquí)

BONES OF MINERVA.- ‘EMBERS’ (España) metal progresivo, alternative, rock,  stoner, psychedelic-rock (reseña aquí)

HEAD.- ‘SATISFACTION’ (US) heavy-blues, 70’s, psychedelic-rock, hard-rock, blues-rock

MAGMA HAZE.- ‘MAGMA HAZE’ (Italia) psychedelic-rock, heavy-psych, Stoner, psychedelic

THE BLACK ANGELS.- ‘WILDERNESS OF MIRROS ‘ (US) psychedelic, psychedelic-rock, rock, 60’s, 90’s

CLUTCH. – ‘SUNRISE ON SLAUGHTER BEACH’ (US) metal, alternative, stoner, rock, 90’s

MUTAUTU.- ‘GRAVEYARD OF GIANTS’ (Finlandia) retro-rock, heavy-rock, hard-rock, blues-rock, stoner, psychedelic-rock, 70’s

DATURA4.- ‘NEANDERTHAL JAM’ (Australia) blues, psychedelic-rock, 70’s, hard-rock, rock

WEEDIAN.- ‘TRIP TO MEXICO’ (psychedelic-rock, stoner, heavy-psych, doom, desertrock

HÖG.- HÖG (US) heavy-rock, proto-metal, 70’s, hard-rock

LA SUSTANCIA DIVINA.- ‘LA SUSTANCIA DIVINA’ (Mexico) psychedelic-rock, acid-rock, 60’s, psychedelic, garage

THE NECROMANCERS.- ‘WHERE THE VOID ROSE’ (Francia) heavy-metal, 70’s, ocult-rock, proto-metal, psychedelic-rock

TELESTERION.- ‘HOUSE OF LILIES‘ (US) shoegaze, post-metal, psychedelic, Stoner, metal

TRIPPELGÄNGER.- ‘THIRD TRIP‘ (Dinamarca) doom-metal, heavy-metal, psychedelic-rock, hard-rock, proto-doom

ALL INDIA RADIO.- ‘THE GENERATOR OF ALL INFINITY‘ (Australia) psychedelic, space, instrumental, dark- ambient, electronic

LIAR THIEF BANDIT.- ‘DIAMONDS‘ (Suecia) hard-rock, heavy-rock, 70’s, rock

WHITE HILLS.- ‘THE REVENGE OF HEADS ON FIRE‘ (US) psychedelic, experimental, fuzz, psychedelic-rock, heavy-psych, post-punk, space, industrial, noise.

OUTWARD.- ‘ MMXX – MMXXII’ (Chequia) post-metal, psychedelic-rock, metal

ROCKY MTN ROLLER.- ‘HAYWIRE‘ (US) blues, hard-rock, 70’s rock, classic-rock

DYING WIZARD.- ‘UNDERGROWTH‘ (UK) dark-folk, folk, psychedelic,

WITCHSNAKE.- ‘WITCHSNAKE’ (Italia) doom, doom-metal, Stoner, fuzz, psych-doom, heavy-psych

WÖLFHEAD.- ‘BLOOD FULL MOON‘ (España) heavy-metal, hard-rock, 70’s, 80’s

IGOR.- ‘APOLLO’ (España) sythnwave, electronic,


HIGH REEPER/HIPPIE DEATH CULT.- ‘DOOM SESSIONS VOL. 5’ (US) proto-metal, Stoner, hard-rock, heavy-rock, proto-doom

PRINCESS.- ‘PRINCESS’ (US) hard & heavy, stoner, hard-rock, heavy-rock, 80’s,

SOME PILLS FOR AYALA.- ‘SOME PILLS FOR AYALA’ (Chile) psychedelic-rock, shoegaze, fuzz, Stoner, rock

ELEPHANT BREATH.- ‘FEAR’ (Grecia) dark-jazz, experimental, trip-hop, experimental, downtempo, world

PSYCHONAUT/ SAVER.- ‘EMERALD SPLIT EP’ (Belgica-Noruega) progressive-rock, post-metal, psychedelic-rock, metal, sludge,

ONIRONAUT.- ‘ONIRONAUT’ (España) heavy-psych, psychedelic-rock, Stoner, rock, garage-rock, space, progressive

S A R R A M.-‘ALBERO’ (Italia) experimental, drone, dark, ambient, post-rock, instrumental, noise

MAGIC CHICKEN FUDGETOE.- ‘TECHNICOLOUR MISERY’ (Australia) psychedelic-rock, alternative, fuzz, grunge, sludge

FUGENTPECKER.- ‘FUGENT ME, PECKER YOU‘ (Noruega) Stoner, desert-rock, fuzz, hard-rock, psychedelic-rock

SANTA PLANTA.- ‘SANTA PLANTA’ (España) stoner-doom, heavy-psych, doom

BURSTING INTO GLOOM.- ‘SPACE H’ (Alemania) proto-metal, heavy-rock, psychedelic-rock, doom, 70’s

JERICO.- ‘TRIP TO DEATH AND BACK’ (Finlandia) heavy-psych, psychedelic-rock, fuzz, desert-rock, stoner

BLACK KALMAR SKULL.- ‘RISE TO LIVE’ (Italia) progressive-rock, alternative, rock, psot-rock

YIYER.-‘YIYER EP’ (Chile) heavy-psych, psychedelic-rock, stoner, fuzz

LIAR THIEF BANDIT.- ‘DEADLIGHTS’ (Suecia) hard-rock, 70’s, garage-rock, rock

HORE.-  ‘SIOSTRY WIEDZMY’ (Polonia) metal, stoner, sludge, doom, psychedelic

PER WIBERG.- ‘ALL IS WELL IN THE LAND OF THE LIVING BUT FOR THE REST OF US… LIGHTS OUT’ (Suecia) psychedelic-rock, progressive-rock, psychedelic, stoner, experimental

HIGHBAY.- ‘II’ (Hungría) psychedelic, psychedelic-rock, jam, progressive, instrumental,

KUVALAYA.- ‘THE GLASS PLANETS GAME’ (Alemania) heavy-psych, fuzz, Stoner, desert-rock, doom

OAK.- ‘FIN’ (UK) Stoner, desert-rock, retro, hard-rock

AT THE GROVE.- ‘…AND ALL THE FEAR WE LEFT BEHIND’ (Alemania) psychedelic-rock, instrumental, progressive, post-rock, rock

LYSJAKT.- ‘ETHEREAL PALACE’  (Noruega) progressive-rock, progressive-metal, alternative, metal, sludge  

PAK40.- ‘BUNKER‘ (UK) Stoner, stoner-doom, noise, psychedelic-rock

MATT C WHITE.- ‘CREEPSHOW PEEPSHOW: CT I’ (US) rock, sgtoner, blues-rock, hard-rock, americana, grunge, swamp-rock

KARMIC SEEDS.- ‘KARMIC SEEDS’ (Holanda) psychedelic-rock, blues, stoner, hard-rock, fuzz, 70’s

BEHOLDER’S CULT.- ‘OUR DARKEST HOME’ (Brasil) progressive, progressive-metal, rock , dark, ghotic-rock, sludge

KUAN.- ‘THROUGH THE DREAMIN’ VOID’ (Italia) experimental, doomgaze, psychedelic, Stoner, post-rock, kraut, drone, instrumental

SHIRESE.- ‘THREE GOING ON FOUR’ (US) rock, psychedelic-rock, blues, 70’s, 60’s, garage

ZEMENT.- ‘SCHLEIFEN’ (Alemania) kraut, experimental, psychedelic, kosmiche,

BALA.-‘MALEZA’ (España) Stoner, metal, alternative, punk, hardcore

NOMAD DESERT WOMEN.- ‘NOMAD DESERT WOMAN EP’ (US) rock, alternative, psychedelic, fuzz, hard-rock,

LAS PUTAS.- ‘SI TE TOCABA CARNAL EP (Mexico) Grunge / Punk / Garage / Rock y Stoner

APOLLO80.- ‘BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION’ (Australia) heavy-psych, psychedelic-rock, Stoner, space, kraut, doom, drone

LIMBO‘EL ARTE DEL ENGAÑO (THE ART OF DECEIT)’ (Argentina) Stoner, hard-rock, psychedelic-rock, rock, grunge

NEUMATIC PARLO.- ‘RANDOM TOASTER EP’ (Alemania) alternative, psychedelic, kraut, garage, rock