GREEN LUNG.- ‘BLACK HARVEST’ (UK) hard-progressive, hard-rock, doom, heavy-rock, psychedelic-rock, 70’s, vintage, ocult-rock, stoner (reseña aquí)

MARAGDA.- ‘MARAGDA’ (España) pschedelic, progressive-rock, heavy-psych, Stoner, hard-rock (reseña aquí)

BELSEMORA.- ‘BELSEMORA’ (Suecia) hard-rock, heavy-rock, stoner, blues, psychedelic-rock, fuzz

HIPIS.- ‘ÄHRE’ (Polonia) heavy-psych, stoner, experimental, progressive, space

HIGH DESERT QUEEN.- ‘SECRETS OF THE BLACK MOON’ (US) Stoner, hard-rock, doom, psychedelic-rock, fuzz, heavy-psych, psych-doom

SCARECROW.- ‘SCARECROW II’ (Rusia) heavy-rock, psychedelic-rock, hard-rock, hard-blues, proto-metal, heavy-metal, heavy-blues

EXPO SEVENTY.- ‘MYSTIC CARAVAN’ (US) heavy-psych, Stoner, psychedelic-rock

THE SLOW VOYAGE.- ‘SOUL’S WHISPER’ (Chile) space-rock, heavy-psych, kraut, psychedelic-rock, Stoner

APPALOOZA.- ‘LIVE AT SMOKY VAN SESSIONS’ (US) desert-rock, Stoner, fuzz, psychedelic-rock

LOOSE SUTURES.- ‘A GASH WITH SHARP TEETH AND OTHER TALES’ (Italia) heavy-rock, heavy-psych, fuzz, Stoner, proto-doom, doom

BARON CRÂNE.- ‘LES BEAUX JOURS’ (Francia) math-rock, progressive-rock, Stoner, psychedelic-rock, rock,jazz, fusion

ELECTRIC ORANGE.- ‘PSY-HYBRID’(Alemania) psychedelic-rock, kraut, post-kraut, progressive,

DOOMS CHILDREN.- ‘DOOMS CHILDREN’ (Canada) rock, blues, hard-rock,

DUST MOUNTAIN.-‘HYMNS FOR WILDERNESS’ (Finlandia) psychedelic, psychedelic-rock, folk, folk-rock, progressive

STONE REBEL.- ‘MEMORIA’ (Francia) instrumental, heavy.psych, Stoner, psychedelic-rock,

DECKARD CROIX.- ‘COSMOPINE’ (US) psychedelic-rock, experimental, ambient, psychedelic

THE SONIC OVERLORDS.- ‘LAST DAYS OF BABYLON’ (Suecia) heavy-rock, hard-rock, Stoner, heavy-metal

CRANEIUM.– ‘UNKNOW HEIGHTS‘ (Finlandia) fuzz, Stoner, desert-rock, psychedelic-rock, doom

REDSCALE.- ‘THE OLD COLOSSSUS ‘ (Alemania) hard-rock, heavy-rock, Stoner,70’s

HIPPOTRAKTOR.- ‘MERIDIAN‘ (Belgica) post-metal, progressive-metal, metal

BUZZÜRD.- ‘THE OFFERING‘ (US) heavy-metal, Stoner-metal, fuzz

OLNEYA.- ‘AWARENESS‘ (Italia) post-rock, psychedelic-rock, fuzz, Stoner, heavy-psych, progressive post-metal

HALO NOISE.- ‘THE DRUID EP’ (UK) heavy-psych, fuzz, Stoner,

LUCY DREAMIN’.- ‘PRESENT IS A MANNER OF SPEECH’ (Hungría) Stoner, heavy-psych, fuzz, blues, psychedelic-rock, rock

CRUEL WONDERS.- ‘CLAY VESSELS’ (Suecia) dark-folk, psychedelic, neo-folk, post-rock

MAX BRAIN.- ‘HIVE MIND’ Stoner, Stoner-doom, Stoner-metal, punk

GREAT AD… .- ‘DEAD DOWN DEATH‘ (Suecia) heavy-rock, hard-rock, 70’s,, heavy-psych

INDIGO RAVEN.- ‘LOOKING FOR TRANSCENDENCE’ (Francia) Stoner, sludge, metal, doom, doom-metal

JUJU.- ‘LA QUE SABE’ (Italia) shoegaze, kraut, post-punk, psychedelic, psychedelic-rock,

GOLDEN DRAGON.- ‘GOLDEN DRAGON‘ (US) hard-rock, funk, 70’s, heavy-psych, fuzz

BLACKWATER HOLYLIGHT’.-‘SILENCE/MOTION’ (US) psychedelic-rock, alternative

NOVA EXPRESS.- ‘TWENTY ONE’ (Suecia) kosmiche, kraut, psychedelic, folk, jazz, progressive

YEARS AFTER.- ‘YEARS AFTER’ (Noruega) southern-rock, country-rock, 70’s, rock, retro-rock

BLACK WILLOWS.- ‘SEMURAH’ (Suiza) doom, heavy-psych, stoner

SLOW CRUSH.- ‘HUSH’ (Belgica) alternative, post-rock, shoegaze, psychedelic

SEIMS.- ‘FOUR’ (Australia) math-rock, psychedelic, post-rock, instrumental, cinematic, orchestral

SHEEV.- ‘MIND CONDUCTOR’ (Alemania) metal, progressive-rpck, progressive-metal, Stoner,

WAX MEKANIX​/​TROLL TEETH.- ‘BLUNT’ (US) rock, blues, Stoner, afro-rock, alternative, fuzz

OCTOPUS RIDE.- ‘OCTOPUS RIDE’ (Suecia) psychedelic, shoegaze, post-punk, psychedelic-rock, alternative, kraut,

TOM RODWELL.- ‘WOOD & WASTE’ (US) rock, blues, calypso, soul, psychedelic

NÜR.- ‘NEGATIVE TRANSFER’ (Suecia) post-metal, sludge, Stoner, metal, post-hardcore

PRAISE THE SUN.- ‘ALCHEMICAL SLAVE: OMEN OF FIRE’ (Noruega) metal, fuzz, Stoner-metal, jheavy-metal

MOONLIT.- ‘SO BLESS US NOW… ‘ (Italia) doom, Stoner, noise, post.metal, post-rock, psychedelic-rock, instrumental, devotional

ZEITGEISTS.- ‘ZEITGEISTS’ (Tailandia) heavy-psych, doom, proto-doom, psychedelic-rock

THE KUSHAN EMPIRE.- ‘ZENITH OF VANANT’ (Suiza) Stoner, doom, metal, experimental, heavy-psych, psychedelic-rock

INDIGO RAVEN.- ‘LOOKING FOR TRASCENCENCE’ (Francia) metal, doom, sludge

COMMON ALIES.- ‘MELANCHOLY DAYS’ (US) rock, blues, americana, hard-rock, psychedelic-rock

TARMAT.- ‘OUT OF THE BLUE’ (Brasil) hard-rock, AOR, heavy-rock, rock


Álbum de la semana:

ELEPHANT TREE.- «HABBITS» (UK) heavy-psych, psychedelic-rock, shoegaze, doom, stoner, metal, progressive


FROZEN PLANET…. 1969.- «COLD HAND OF A GAMBLING MAN» (Australia) psychedelic-rock, jam, heavy-psych, space,

SMOKEMASTER.- «SMOKEMASTER» (Alemania) heavy-psych, 70’s retro-rock, hard-rock, blues-rock

WIGHT.- «SPANK THE WORLD» (Alemania) funk, fussion, psychedelic-rock

1000 MODS.- «YOUTH OF DISSENT» (Grecia) stoner, desert-rock, psychedelic-rock, 90’s

ELDER.- «OMENS» (US) psychedelic-rock, progressive, stoner, doom

THE HEAVY CO..- «PLEASE TUNE IN​.​.​. (2008 – 2014) (US) psychedelic-rock, heavy-psych

MOOCH.- «HOUNDS» (Canada) heavy-blues, stoner, hard-rock, psychedelic-rock

ANJO GABRIEL.- «ANJO GABRIEL» (Brasil) psychedelic-rock, progressive, kraut, space, instrumental, jam, heavy-psych, jazz, vintage 

SOLDATI.- «DOOM NACIONAL» (Argentina) stoner, desert-rock

MODULATOR II.- «SLIVERED HEARSE» (Francia) heavy-psych, psychedelic-rock, space-rock, garage, proto-punk, kraut

KING WITCH.- «BODY OF LIGHT» (Escocia) stoner, metal, doom.

POLIS.- «WELTKLANG» (Alemania) progressive, psychedelic, 70’s

STONEWALL NOISE ORCHESTRA.- «DEATHTRIPPER» (Suecia) heavy-rock, stoner-rock

KANAAN.- «DOUBLE SUN» (Noruega) psychedelic-rock, jazz, heavy-psych,, space, rock

LORD FOWL.- «GLORIOUS BABYLON» (US) hard-rock, heavy-rock, psychedelic-rock, 70’s

FUZZIEBÄR.- «GROBER UNFUG» (Alemania) stoner, fuzz, desert-rock, heavy-psych, garage, punk

HADEWIJCH.- «HERBAL NOISE EP» (Francia) heavy-psych, post-metal, psychedelic-rock,

KING GIZZARD & THE LIZARD WIZARD.- «CHUNKY SHRAPNEL» (Australia) alternative, psychedelic-rock, space, metal, hard, experimental, rock, heavy-psych

V.A. BROWN ACID «THE TENTH TRIP» (US) heavy-psych, proto-metal, 70’s blues-rock, hard-rock, acid-rock

SLOVO MIRA.- «WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU IN ALL THE CONFUSION?» (Rusia) experimental, electronic, jam, avant-garde

CIRITH UNGOL.- «FOREVER BLACK» (US) heavy-metal, metal, 

TRANSURANIC HEAVY ELEMENTS.- «SPHERE OF SILENCE» (Finlandia) heavy-psych, psychedelic-rock, neo-psychedelic

CONCRETE MOUNTAIN.- «HAZEDAZED» (Italia) stoner, psychedelic-rock, heavy-psych, desert-rock, fuzz

HETOUTH.- «PLANED B» (Belgica) space-rock, instrumental, stoner, jam, heavy-psych

EL CULTO DEL OJO ROJO.- «EL VIEJO DEL HOMBRE PROMETEO» (Mexico) heavy-blues, heavy-psych, 70’s stoner

HEAVY HANDS.- «THROUGH THE NIGHT» (US) heavy-psych, psychedelic-rock, stoner, 

FU MANCHU.- «FU30, PT​.​1» (US) stoner, fuzz, rock

STONEGAZER.- «END OF OUR WORLD» (Finlandia) stoner, metal

BARON CRÂNE.- «COMMOTIONS» (Francia) math-rock, psychedelic-rock, progressive-rock, fusion, jazz-rock


EXPERIENCIA TIBETANA.«VOL. 1»  (Argentina) drone, heavy-psych, instrumental

TRIP HILL.- «AFTERNOON OF FREE IMPROVISTAION» (Italy) psychedelic-rock, improvisation, heavy-psych, drone, instrumental, kraut

THE PSYCHEDELIC KINGS.- «LOCKDOWN SESSIONS» (Francia) instrumental, psychedelic-rock, psychedelic, stoner

THE LEGENDARY FLOWER PUNK.- «HALLE, DE 20​/​04​/​2020» (Rusia) jam-band, psychedelic-rock

MARMALADE KNIVES.- «AMNESIA» (US) heavy-psych, space, progressive, kraut, acid-rock, psychedelic-rock

ASTEROID BLUES.- «III» (Rusia) heavy-psych, psychedelic-rock, instrumental, stoner, space-rock

RED SKY BLUES.- «RED SKY BLUES» (Nueva Zelanda) fuzz, heavy-psych, stoner, psychedelic-rock

PYRAWEED.- «420» (Azerbajan) doom, sludge, metal

FULANO.- «II» (España) grunge, stoner, heavy-psych

MELMAK.- «SOCIAL DISTANCE» (España) metal, dark, sludge, heavy-psych

GAS GIANT.- «EARTHWARD ASCEND» (Holanda) heavy-psych, stoner, psychedelic-rock, proto-metal

COMANCHET.- «HEREJÍA PURA» (Mexico) stoner, desert-rock, doom


THE WATCHERS.- «HIGH AND ALIVE» (US) metal, heavy-rock, stoner

HERBICIDAL.- «.​.​.​AND NOTHING WAS ACHIEVED» (UK) stoner, doom, heavy-psych


BIGHORN.- «SPLIT HOOF BLUES» (US) stoner, blues-rock, fuzz, hard-rock

DRYLAND.- «DANCIN WITH WAVES» (US) heavy-rock, hardcore, stoner

THEMS THAT WAIT.- «STONEWORK» (US) stoner, metal,