NAXATRAS.- ‘IV’ (Grecia) psychedelic-rock, rock, progressive-rock, heavy-psych, space, progressive-rock, stoner (reseña aquí)

KRYPTOGRAF.- ‘THE ELDORADO SPELL’ (Noruega) 70’s, proto-metal, proto-doom, hard-rock, heavy-rock, Stoner, vintage (reseña aquí)

SLOTH METROPOLIS.- ‘THE MOTH NECROPOLIS’ (Escocia) heavy-psych, psychedelic-rock, progressive, stoner, doom,

TRAVO.- ‘SINKING CREATION’ (Portugal) psychedelic-rock, space, psychedelic, heavy-psych, kraut, Stoner, neo-psychedelic

ACID ROW.- ‘AFTERGLOW’ (Chequia) heavy-psych, Stoner, psychedelic-rock, desert-rock, proto-metal, 70’s

VERTICAL ROCK BAND.- ‘TALES OF TIME AND DISTANCE‘ (España) hard-rock, heavy-rock, 70’s, Stoner, psychedelic-rock, desert-rock

MISLEADING.- ‘MISSING‘ (Portugal) heavy-psych, acid, fuzz, psych-doom, psychedelic-rock, space-rock

MIDNIGHT STEAMER.- ‘SHAKEDOWN CRUISE‘ (Alemania) hard,rock, 70’s, blues, rock

ROSALIE CUNNINGHAM.- ‘TWO PIECE PUZZLE’ (UK) psychedelic, rock, folk, progressive, psychedelic-rock

HEBI KATANA.- ‘IMPERMANENCE’ (Japón) 70’s, hard-rock, proto-metal, Stoner, proto-doom

SPACE MIRRORS.- ‘THE OBSCURE SIDE OF ART’ (Rusia) space-rock, heavy-psych, psychedelic-rock, instrumental, progressive, rock

ASTRONAUSEA.- ‘HYPERDULIA’ psychedelic-rock, heavy-psych, rock psychedelic,

TETRASUN.- ‘CREATION‘ (Finlandia) progressive-rock, psychedelic-rock, rock,

GIANT JELLYFISH.- ‘DARK DHARMA’ (Brasil) heavy-psych, stoner, ocult-rock, psychedelic-rock, rock

DEUMUS.- ‘OYER AND TERMINER‘ (Austria) metal, doom, fuzz, stoner

RED EYE.- ‘THE CYCLE’ (España) doom, Stoner, heavy-psych, psychedelic-rock, stoner-doom

BLACK RAINBOWS – ‘LIVE AT DESERTFEST’ (Italia) fuzz, Stoner, heavy-psych, space, hard-rock

JASON BLAKE.- ‘IMAGINARY CAGES’ (US) instrumental, alternative, post-rock,

ABRAHAM.- ‘DEBRIS DE MONDES PERDUS’ (Suiza) post-metal, post-hardcore,alternative, doom, sludge, progressive-metal

KYOTY – ‘ISOLATION’ (US) psychedelic-rock, experimental, sludge, post-metal, doom, fuzz, metal

Z28 – ‘MACH II’ (US) fuzz, Stoner, hard-rock, psychedelic-rock, 70’s, blues, heavy-rock

MOUNTAIN KING.- ‘WOLLOW’ (Alemania) post-rock, progressive-rock, drone, psychedelic, shoegaze, experimental, doom

NAMJERA.- ‘WILL SOMEONE EVER HEAR?’ (Francia) psychedelic-rock, post-metal, heavy-psych, alternative, stoner

DEATHBELL.- ‘A NOCTURNAL CROSSING’ (Francia) Stoner, fuzz, Stoner-doom, psychedelic-rock, Stoner-doom

CRYPTOPHASER.- ‘XXII‘ (US) stoner, fuzz, psychedelic-rock, instrumental

VOLCANOVA.- ‘COSMIC BULLSHIT’ (Islandia) desert-rock, fuzz, Stoner, heavy-rock, psychedelic

JUNE 1974.- ‘GREETINGS FROM MARS’ (Italia) alternative, shoegaze, psychedelic, rock, post-rock

FIREBREATHER.- ‘DWELL IN THE FOG‘ (Suecia) doom, metal, sludge, stoner

HEBOSAGIL.- ‘YÖSSA’ (FInlandia) post-metal, alternative, post-rock, noise. metal

RECKLESS LOVE.- ‘TURBORIDER’ (FInlandia) 80’s, metal, synth wave, melodic-metal, progressive-metal

ARNE HEESCH.- ‘DEMONS ARE SCARED’  (Alemania) dark-folk, psychedelic, rock, folk

BORTS MINORTS .- ‘VICTIM BRUT’ (US) rock, alternative, 70’s, retro

AN EVENING REDNESS.- ‘AN EVENING REDNESS‘ (US) drone, experimental, psychedelic, dark-wave, rock

INVISIBLE CONTROL.- ‘CREATED IN CHAOS‘ (Brasil)metal, heavy-metal, death-metal

INNER MISSING.- ‘DEAD LANGUAGE‘ (Rusia) dark-wave, metal, ddom-metal, post-rock

LOW TIDE RIDERS.- ‘WICKED‘ (Brasil) 70’s, Stoner, hard-rock, fuzz

SERIOUS BLACK.- ‘VENGANCE IS MINE‘ (Alemania) heavy-metal, power-metal


HOLY DEATH TRIO.- ‘INTRODUCING…’ (US) heavy-blues, Stoner, hard-rock, psychedelic-rock, blues-rock (reseña aquí)

GLASGOW COMA SCALE.- ‘SIRENS’ (Alemania) post-rock, psychedelic-rock, Stoner, heavy-psych, progressive-rock (reseña aquí)

KADABRA.- ‘ULTRA’ (US) heavy-psych, blues, proto-metal, psychedelic, stoner, psychedelic-rock (reseña aquí)

CARCAÑO.- ‘BY THE ORDER OF THE GREEN GODDESS’  (Italia) heavy-psych, Stoner, fuzz, 60’s, 70’s, psychedelic-rock, Stoner-doom (reseña aquí)

SONOLITH.- ‘VOIDSCAPES’ (US) heavy-psych, instrumental, stoner, jam, psychedelic-rock, space

TRANSMISSION ZERO.- ‘BRIDGES‘ (Polonia) post-rock

STARBATH.- ‘JAMS’ (US) jams, instrumental, psychedelic-rock, heavy-psych

AGUSA.- ‘EN ANNAN VÄRLD’ (Suecia) progressive-rock, psychedelic-rock, rock, kraut, 70’s

BENCE AMBRUS.- ‘GARDENSIDE AMBIENT SESSIONS II’ (Hungría) psychedelic, jam, psychedelic-rock, folk

LAGUNA.- ‘STREAMLINE OF OUR DAYS/ALL MY WALLS’ (Austria) folk, psychedelic, psychedelic-folk

SIGMA ORI.- ‘BEYOND THE DOME’ (Barcelona) instrumental, progressive-rock, post-rock

FARFISA.- ‘GÄNGER’ (UK) psychedelic, prychedelic-rock, fuzz

TETRA.- ‘VII’ (Finlandia) psychedelic-rock, progressive-rock, experimental

MOSTEREO.- ‘IN THE HOLLOW OF A WAVE’ (Noruega) hard-rock, heavy-rock, rock, alternative

GOATFATHER.- ‘MONSTER TRUCK’  (Francia) stoner, desert-rock, fuzz, southern, psychedelic-rock

BOGWIFE.– ‘A PASSAGE DIVINE’ (Dinamarca) doom, psycho-doom, heavy-psych, fuzz

UGH!.- ‘ PLUSHY PYLONS’ (Alemania) blues, psychedelic-rock, alternative, noise, rock, stoner

THE OVER-MANNED BAND.- ‘THE OVER-MANNED BAND’ (Mexico) psychedelic-rock, progressive-rock, heavy-psych

BLACK STONER MACHINE.- ‘ONE WITH THE HORDE‘ (Grecia) heavy-rock, hard-rock, blues, Stoner-metal

HOCHEN.- ‘CARRION STEW’ (US) psychedelic-rock, Stoner, hard-rock, rock, grunge

DOZETHRONE.-RESURRECTION FROM THE DEAD‘ (Singapur) sludge, metal, Stoner, doom

TARPIT ORCHESTRA.- ‘POP’ (Finlandia) Stoner, heavy-rock, hard-rock, blues. Boogie-rock, doom

JUNE 1974.- ‘REBUS’ (Italia) rock, heavy-rock, experimental, kraut, progressive, psychedelic

DICKLESS TRACY.- ‘GRAVE NEW WORLD’ (Eslovenia) metal, death-metal, grindcore

GHOSHEART NEBULA.- ‘ASCENSION’ (Italia) funeral-doom, metal, doom-metal

SHADECROWN.- ‘SOLITARIAN’ (Finlandia) metal, melodic-metal, doom-metal

STARLESS.- ‘HOPE IS LEAVING YOU’ (US) doomgaze, alternative, rock, slowcore

SEUM.- ‘LIVE FROM THE SEUM CAVE’ (US) Stoner-doom, sludge, Stoner-metal

BRAVE ARROWS.- ‘THE PLAGUES’ (US) post-rock, progressive-rock, post-metal, instrumental

GRACEFUL.- ‘DEMIURGA’ (Francia) experimental, stoner