SOLAR CORONA.- ‘PACE’ (Portugal) heavy-psych, space, experimental, instrumental, stoner, psychedelic-rock, kraut (reseña aquí)

PSEUDO MIND HIVE.- ‘ECLECTICA‘ (Australia) psychedelic-rock, blues, fuzz, jazz, rock,progressive, alternative

ASTRAL NATURA.- ‘ASTRAL NATURA’ (Mexico) psychedelic-rock, psychedelic, Stoner, jazz, progressive

CHÛNK.- ‘CHÛNK’ (Canada) Stoner, blues, hard-rock, rock, alternative

ONSÉGEN ENSEMBLE.- ‘REALMS‘ (Finlandia) progressive, progressive-rock, rock, 70s’

GAMBARDELLA.- ‘CARACAS’ (España) progressive, alternative, jazz, rock, experimental, instrumental

BLACK SPELL.- ‘SEASON OF THE DAMNED‘ (Italia) doom, heavy-psych, Stoner, doom-metal, proto-doom

CRYPTOPHASER.- ‘IIXX‘ (US) fuzz, instrumental, Stoner, heavy-psych,

DREAM UNENDING.- ‘SONG OF SALVATION‘ (US) psychedelic-rock, experimental, metal

SAPNA.- ‘SAPNA’ (US) drone, space, psychedelic-rock

OAK.- ‘THE QUIET REBELLION OF COMPROMISE’ (Noruega) progressive-rock, post-rock, rockalternative,

DIRT FORGE.- ‘INTERSPHERAL‘ (Dinamarca) sludge, progressive-metal, metal, Stoner, heavy-psych

DEATH TRIP.- ‘MOUNT DOOM’ (US) stoner, psychedelic-rock, blues

EYE OF DOOM.‘THE SAPIENT’ (Canada) stoner, doom, space, progressive

AFGHAN HAZE.- ‘HALLUCINATIONS OF A HERETIC’ (US) stoner, psychedelic-rock, sludge, doom

AITTALA.- ‘LIVE TO REGRET’ (US) metal, sludge, doom

EF.- ‘WE SALUTE YOU, YOU AND YOU’ (Suecia) post-rock, alternative, experimental, indie

SWEET COBRA.- ‘THREES’ (US) alternative, rock,

VOID CRUISER.- ‘CALL OF THE VOID‘ (Finlandia) desert-rock, post-metal, psychedelic-rock, Stoner, shoegaze, metal

GOOD NIGHT CHICKEN.- ‘LOS VAQUEROS MUERTOS’ (Polonia) heavy-psych, psychedelic-rock, garage, psychedelic,

ENVY.- ‘SEIMEI’ (Japón) experimental, progressive, rock, post-rock

ORBITER.- ‘HEAD WOUNDS‘ (US) hard-rock, heavy-rock, fuzz, psychedelic-rock

ZËLOT.- SUPPLICES’ (Francia) black metal, post-metal

MODERN STARS.- ‘SPACE TRIPS FOR THE MASSES‘ (Italia) psychedelic, psychedelic-rock, kraut, space

HAARVARD.- ‘HARVAD’ (Noruega) folk, nordic-folk, experimental

BUSS.- ‘AROUSED’ (Italia) heavy-rock, heavy-psych, hard-rock, 70’s, stoner

SAINT OMEN.- ‘DEATH UNTO MY ENEMY‘ (US) alternative, psychedelic-rock, dark-ambient, metal

ZEKE SKY.- ‘INTERGALACTIC DEMON KING’ (US) world, heavy-metal, psychedelic-rock, metal

DUNE SEA.- ‘ORBITAL DISTORTION’ (Noruega) psychedelic-rock, space, fuzz, Stoner, desert-rock


GREEN DESERT WATER.- ‘BLACK HARVEST‘ (España) stoner, hard-rock, heavy-psych, blues, 70’s, psychedelic-rock

FEVER DOG.- ‘ALPHA WAVES’ (US) hard-rock, 70’s, southern-rock, classic-rock, psychedelic-rock, glam-rock,

SPACELORD.- ‘FALSE DAWN’ (US) blues, desert-rock, hard-rock, psychedelic-rock, stoner (reseña aquí)

STONE FROM THE SKY.- ‘SONGS FROM THE DEEPWATER‘ (Francia) heavy-psych, instrumental, post-rock, post-metal, psychedelic-rock, stoner (reseña aquí)

KUDOS TO KOSMO.- ‘BRUDER IM GEISTE‘ (Alemania) psychedelic-rock, space, kraut, post-rock, stoner

SMOOTH MOTION.- ‘BOOGIE INSIDE’ (Francia) hard-rock, 70’s, blues, rock, vintage, psychedelic-rock

JONAS MUNK.- ‘ALTERED LIGHT’ (Dinamarca) ambient, instrumental, experimental, child out, new age

WEEDIAN.-‘TRIP TO DENMARK’ (Dinamarca) psychedelic-rock, heavy-psych, stoner, desert-rock fuzz, doom

KUUNATIC.- ‘GATE OF KLÜNA’ (Japón) psychedelic, experimental, progressive, tribal, doom

BLIND TRENDIL.- ‘α’ (UK) heavy-rock, progressive-rock, stoner-metal, progressive-metal

PIEDRA ROJA.- ‘MAR DEL DESIERTO‘ (España) experimental, stoner, psychedelic-rock, progressive-rock, 70’s, alternative

YOUR INNER GOD.- ‘DEAD INSIDE’ (Ucrania) heavy-psych, psychedelic-rock, fuzz, Stoner, blues-rock, post-metal

OLD MAN WIZARD.- ‘KILL YOUR SERVANTS QUIETLY’ (US) rock, progressive-rock, psychedelic-rock,

TRILLION TON BERYLLIUM SHIPS.- ’ROSALEE EP’ (US) heavy-rock, psychedelic-rock, Stoner, fuzz, Stoner-doom

BLACKHILLS.- ‘PLANET B’ (Brasil) heavy-rock, blues-rock, hard-rock, progressive-rock, stoner, vintage

LORD ELEPHANT.- ‘COSMIC AWAKENING‘ (Italia) psychedelic-rock, heavy-psych, fuzz, stoner

CLAYHANDS.- ‘IS THIS YES?‘ (Australia) post-rock, instrumental, experimental, ambient

WIMPS OF NEPTURE.- ‘QUEEN OF SUMATRA/U.S.L.’ (US) hard-rock, psychedelic-rock, 70’s, progressive-rock, classic-rock

MOTHER IRON HORSE.- ‘UNDER THE BLOOD MOON’ (US) stoner, hard-rock, heavy-rock, sludge, fuzz

STONE REBEL.- ‘DREAMLINE’S SHADOW’ (Francia) instrumental, jam, stoner, psychedelic, psychedelic-rock,

BLACK SPELL.-THE PURPLE SCHOOL’ (Italia) proto-doom, doom, proto-metal, heavy-psych, psychedelic-rock, stoner

ALTARETH.- ‘BLOOD‘ (Suecia) fuzz, proto-doom, doom, Stoner, heavy-rock, psychedelic-rock

ADAPTER ADAPTER.- ‘NO CONFORT‘ (US) blues, hard-rock, Stoner

ANCIENT DAYS.- ‘SING OF THE TIMES‘ (US) fuzz, heavy-psych, doom, Stoner, heavy-rock, Stoner-doom, Stoner, ocult-rock

AIWASS.- ‘WAYWARD GODS’ (US) heavy-metal, psychedelic-rock, metal , stoner

ELECTRIC EYE.- ‘HORIZON‘ (Noruega) experimental, kraut, space, psychedelic, drone

FLYING RABBIT.- ‘PARADOX’ (Noruega) blues, rock, vintage, psychedelic, soul

MESSERCHMITT.- ‘OH DEATH’ (Noruega) stoner, fuzz, heavy-rock, desert-rock, metal

THANGORODRIM.- ‘LIBERATION IN UNBOUND CHAOS 666’ (US) dark-wave, progressive, psychedelic, experimental, alternative

LOKRUZ.- ‘LOKRUZ’ (Grecia) heavy-psych, psychedelic-rock, 60’s, 70’s, rock, blues, hard-rock

REDIMONI.- ‘ON THE BRINK OF EXISTENCE’ (España) metal, trash metal, sludge

SCRAYING STONE.- ‘SCRUBLANDS‘ (US) fuzz, Stoner-metal, psychedelic-rock, Stoner, desert-rock

WICKED TRIP.- ‘WICKED TRIP’ (US) psychedelic-rock, heavy-psych, proto-doom, acid-rock, Stoner

FUSED TRIO.- ‘COTTON CRUD CANDY’ (Lituania) experimental, jazz, stoner, doom

SACRED BULL.- ‘WIDER HEAVENS’ (US) post-metal, doom-metal, shoegaze


DOMKRAFT.- ‘SEENS’ (Suecia) doom, heavy-psych, fuzz, progressive, psychedelic-rock

SE PERMITEN SUBMARINOS. – ‘SE PERMITEN SUBMARINOS’ (España), Stoner, fuzz, psychedelic-rock, flamenco, blues, psychedelic, progressive-rock

SNAIL.- ‘FRACTAL ALTAR’ (US) fuzz, stoner-metal, hard-rock, psychedelic-rock

ELECTRIC YAWN.- ‘DOPAMINE FARM’ (Australia) psychedelic-rock, psychdelic

THE ELECTRIC CACTUS.- ‘THE ELECTRIC CACTUS’ (Canada) hard-rock, 70’s, rock, blues, Stoner, clasic-rock

SINAI PLANUM.- ‘SAUVAGE CAFÉ’ (Suiza) psychedelic-rock, fuzz, Stoner, rock, alternative

EARTHCASTER.- ‘BELTANE WHEEL OF THE YEAR VOL. 3’  (UK) hard-rock, rock, Stoner, blues-rock, psychedelic-rock

BLACK SPELL.- ‘WALPURGIS NIGHT’ (Italia) proto-doom, heavy-psych, ocult-rock

SMOTE.-QUESTING’ (UK) drone, psychedelic, folk, instrumental

:NEPAAL.- ‘BLACK BATIK I, II’  (Hungría) psychedelic-rock, instrumental, jam, space, heavy-psych,

ORION, THE FALLEN.- ‘MOONSUN‘ (Portugal) Stoner, emo, melodic-metal, grunge

INERTIAL.- ‘CELESTIAL’ (US) post-rock, instrumental, experimental, shoegaze

SLOTH.- ‘CHILDREN OF THE SUN’ (US) hard-rock, heavy-psych, fuzz, Stoner, 70’s, rock

BISONTE.- ‘THE BEHOLDER’ (Mexico) heavy-psych, blues, Stoner, proto-doom,

THE ANTHIKAROSHI.- ‘EXTRACT. TRANSFORM.DEBASE’ (Alemania) psychedelic-rock, rock, progressive-rock, post-rock

BAD ABSALOM.- ‘BAD ABSALOM’ (Australia) fuzz, Stoner, Stoner-punk, hard-rock, emo

MYLR.- ‘COME AROUND’ (Alemania) Stoner, Stoner-metal, fuzz


GODHEAD LIZARD.- ‘V838’ (Canadá) fuzz, psychedelic-rock, Stoner, blues

DERBY MOTORETA’S BURRITO CACHIMBA.- ‘HILO NEGRO’ (España) psychedelic-rock, psychedelic, flamenco, rock sureño, rock, alterntive, stoner

VOODU SMURFS.- ‘VOODU SMURFS’ (Austria) psychedelic-rock, progressive-rock, hard-rock, 70’s, hard-rock, rock

THE TAZERS.- ‘DREAM MACHINE’ (2021) (Sudáfrica) 60’s, blues, garage-rock, fuzz, psychedelic-rock, rock

BLACK WAIL.- ‘BORN ON FIRE’ (US) Stoner, heavy-rock, hard-rock, blues, retro

MALÄMMAR.- ‘MAZZA’ (España) doom-metal, post-metal, instrumental, sludge, stoner

EWÏG FROST.- ‘AÏN’T NO SAÏNT’ (Austria) heavy-rock, heavy-metal, hard-rock, punk-rock, hardcore

DISCARDED SELF.- ‘DISCARDED SELF’ (Canada) sludge, doom, metal,

YELLOWTOOTH.- ‘THE BURN ILLUSION’ (US) Stoner, metal, sludge,

CROW BALLAR vs. BLAISE THE SEEKER.- SWAMP ROYALE #2’ (US) psychedelic, progressive, folk, rock



V.A..-DOOMED & STONED IN COLORADO’ (US) Stoner, psychedelic, metal, sludge, doom


APEWARDS.- ‘PEAKS VOL. 1’ (Alemania) blues-rock, hard-rock, stoner, 70’s, psychedelic-rock

CAVEM3N.- ‘SOLITARY IN THE END WE ARE’ (Suecia) blues-rock, psychedelic-rock, 70’s hard-rock, hard&heavy

PSYHOES.- ‘TYPHOON TRIP’ (Polonia) Stoner, heavy-psych, psychedelic-rock, progressive-rock

STONE DEAD CROOKS.- ‘IN RUINS’ (Austria) heavy-blues, psychedelic-rock, stoner, heavy-psych

REIKI TAPES.- ‘PARANOID TELETUBIES’ (Suiza) stoner, psychedelic-rock, fuzz

SAINT SATORI.- ‘BELLADONA’ (Nueva Zelanda) stoner, blues-rock, hard-rock, psychedelic-rock

WORMHOG.- ‘YELLOW SEA’ (Grecia) Stoner, heavy-rock, progressive-metal

BASALTO.- ‘CÓLERA’ (Portugal) doom, stoner, sludge, metal

BÓVEDA DEL SOL.- ‘TRAVELER BETWEEN WORLDS’ (España) psychedelic, space, drone, doom , experimental, heavy-psych

SURROGATE PREY.- ‘ABERRATION’ (Filipinas) sludge, metal, black-metal

HANDS OF ATTRITION.-‘COLDER PLACES’ (UK) melodic-metal, progressive-metal, hardcore, metal

PICKMAN’S MODEL.- ‘AN ASTRONAUT’S LAMENT’ (US) Stoner, space, psychedelic, fuzz

FROM THE DEATH.- ‘AGAIN, MY MIND’ (Uruguay) hard-rock, Stoner, psychedelic-rock, blues-rock

SUPERLORD.- ‘VS. GARGANTUAN’ (UK) heavy-metal, stoner, space

THREE EYES LEFT.- ‘LEGIONE’ (Italia) doom, Stoner, heavy-psych, metal, sludge

K2‘STA GIANNENA’ (Grecia) heavy-rock, 90’s, stoner

WHITIN NOSTALGIA.- VOID & DECAY’ (Canada) post-rock, shoegaze, folk, metal

THE KOMPRESSOR EXPERIMENT.- ‘KMPXP’ (Suiza) post-metal, progressive-metal,

BLACK SPELL.- ‘BLACK SPELL’ (Italia) psychedelic-rock, sludge, Stoner, metal, doom

DELUGE GRANDER.- ‘LUNARIANS’ (US) progressive-rock, retro, rock, progressive

SOUL THEFT.- ‘SOUL THEFT’ (Holanda) stoner, sludge, psychedelic-rock, doom

STONE LOTUS.- ‘CONVENCE IN SILENCE’ (Australia) sludge, stoner, Stoner-metal

APOD.- ‘APOD’ (US) heavy-psych, fuzz, psychedelic-rock, heavy-blues, stoner, retro, alternativem hard-rock

VOLVA.- ‘107 %’ (Argentina) stoner, desert.rock, psychedelic-rock, fuzz, rock, instrumental

KING CHIEFS.-FLYING INTO VOID’ (US) hard-rock, stoner, fuzz, rock, desert-rock, hard & heavy

STONED KARMA.- ‘DARK KARMA COLLECTION’ (Francia) instrumental, psychedelic-rock, heavy-psych, stoner

BRITON RITES.- ‘OCCULTE FANTASTIQUE’ (US) heavy-metal, NWOBHM, fuzz, heavy-rock

RISE TO THE SKY.- ‘A COLD EMBRANCE FROM LIFE’ (Chile) atmosferic-metal, funeral-doom, doom, death

SACRED BULL.- ‘RAGGED MOUNTAIN’ (US) instrumental, post-metal, psychedelic.rock, stoner, noise, shoegaze, post-rock

STONER AVENUE.- ‘NEON DEMON’ (Mexico) rock, psychedelic-rock,