BLUES WEISER.- ‘OBEY THE BOOZE’ (España) blues-rock, desert-rock, fuzz, stoner

THE SKULL GURU.- ‘SOFAR NOFAR’ (España-Italia) 70’s, blues, hard-rock, progressive, proto-metal, retro, Stoner, vintgae, psychedelic-rock

DHIDALAH.- ‘SENSORIA’ (Japón) psychedelic-rock, space-rock, heavy-psych, Stoner, kraut, jam

OUT OF THE EARTH.- ‘II’ (UK)paychedelic-rock, hard-rock, Stoner, blues, heavy-psych

PERSHAGEN.- ‘HILMA’ .- (Suecia) instrumental, post-rock, psychedelic-rock, pine forest-rock, progressive, psychedelic

MOOZOONSII.- ‘INWARD’ (Francia) instrumental, psychedelic-rock, progressive, metal, experimental, progressive-rock

TORRENTS.- ‘DUAL FATES’ (US) desert-rock, rock, stoner

EXPERIENCIA TIBETANA.- ‘VOL. II’ (Argentina) drone, psychedelic, psychedelic-rock, instrumental, devotional, experimental, shoegaze, stoner

PSYCHIC SUN.- ‘PSYCHIC SUN‘ (Australia) psychedelic-rock, psychedelic, Stoner, blues, hard-rock

RED CLOUD.- ‘THE RUBY ARMENIA VOL. 1’ (US) Stoner, heavy-rock, alternative, rock, post-grunge

GREEN HOG BAND.- ‘CRYPT OF DOOM‘ (US) heavy-psych, fuzz, Stoner, doom, desert-rock, Stoner-doom

GUNASH.- ‘ALL YOU CAN HIT’ (Italia) alternative, rock, post-grunge

UFO ŌVER LAPPLAND.- ‘SPÖKRAKETER’ (Suecia) psychedelic, kraut, space, instrumental, psychedelic-rock

MURDERBAIT.-NOSTALGIA LIKE CANCER’ (US) psychedelic-rock, desert-rock, post-punk, Stoner, dark, alternative

EL ASTRONAUTA.- ‘DARK MATTERS’ (US) psychedelic-rock, Stoner, hard-rock, heavy-rock,

ZOMBIE RODEO.- ‘THE EYES ARE SET UPON YOU’ (Finlandia) Stoner, metal,

PSYCHEDELIC PORN CRUMPETS.- ‘NIGHT GHOMES’ (Australia) psychedelic-rock, rock,

CRÓ!.-BUAH’ (España) experimental progressive-rock, alternative, progressive

WITCHHELM.- ‘WILD ELDRITCH’ (US) dark-wave, Stoner, doom, psychedelic-rock, Stoner-doom

IF I DIE TODAY.- ‘THE ABYSS IN SILENCE‘ (Italia) hardcore, post-punk, sludge, metal, metalcore, punk

SIBERIAN TUSK.- ‘REAPERS BY TRADE’ (Noruega) metal, Stoner, sludge,

SLOWTORCH.- ‘THE MACHINE HAS FAILED‘ (Italia) heavy-rock, metal, Stoner, hard-rock, Stoner-metal

EARL OF HELL.- ‘GET SMOKED‘ (UK) stoner, hard-rock, desert-rock, fuzz

BEASTIAL PIGLORD.- ‘SPEAK BIG AND CARRY A SOFT STICK’ (US) doom, metal, Stoner, psychedelic-rock, ambient

SNAILIEN.- ‘SNAILIEN’ (Grecia) heavy-psych, psychedelic-rock, experimental, noise


FUZZ SAGRADO.-FUZZ SAGRADO’ (Brasil) rock, instrumental, psychedelic-rock, progressive, hard-rock, vintage- Reseña aquí

HEAVY RELIC.- ‘HEAVY ELECTRIC SOUNDS’ (UK) heavy-psych, jam, psychedelic-rock, instrumental

ZEMENT.- ‘ROHSTOFF’ (Alemania) kraut, psychedelic, experimental, new-kraut, electronic, kosmiche, neo-kraut

OCTOPUS DIVER.- ‘DREAMS OF THE FLYING DIVER’ (Francia) psychedelic-rock, instrumental, heavy-psych, psychedelic, stoner

STONED KARMA.- ‘KARMA WIZARD COLLECTION III’  (Francia) psychedelic-rock, Stoner, psychedelic, progressive-rock, instrumental, heavy-psych

PSYCHIC HIT.- ‘SOLUTIO’ (US) heavy-rock, fuzz, hard-rock, proto-metal, pychedelic-rock, ocult-rock, 80’s

SALIGA.- ‘FÖRSTRÖELSETRILOGIN’ (Suecia) psychedelic, post-rock, experimental, progressive, alternative

THE SONCE.- ‘THE SONCE’ (US) Stoner, hard-rock, proto-metal, 70’s, heavy-psych, rock

INFRA – TREKLÖVER.- ‘INFRA – TREKLÖVER’ (Suecia) 70’s, hard-rock, heavy-psych, rock, psychedelic-rock, heavy-rock, retro, rock

MONAS.- ‘MONAS’ (Francia) proto-doom, psychedelic-rock, fuzz, stoner, Stoner-doom

GREEN HOG BAND.- ‘DEVIL’S LUCK’ heavy-psych, Stoner-doom, sludge, doom, ocult, fuzz

THE LORDS OF ALTAMONT – ‘TURN IN, TURN ON, ELECTRIFY!’ (US) rock, proto-punk, garage-rock, alternative, psychedelic


THE SUPERNAUTS.- ‘JUST SOMETHING’ (Grecia) Stoner, fuzz, heavy-rock

SATÁNICO PANDEMONIUM.- ‘ESPECTROFILIA EP’ (Mexico) stoner, doom, stoner-doom, fuzz, psychedelic-rock, opcult-rock

RAT KING.- ‘OMEN’ (US) fuzz, Stoner, doom

FULL DISCLOSURE.- ‘ELUCIDITY’ (US) altyernative, hard-rock, psychedelic-rock, psychedelic

WIZARDS OF WIZNAN.- ’EXPERIMENTAL BREW’ (Suiza) doom, Stoner-metal, sludge

ROTTEN SCANDINAVIAN BASTARDS.- ‘SURVIVING THE CROSSING’ (Noruega) heavy-metal, heavy-rock, stoner

BWITCH.- ‘RITUALS’ (Argentina) heavy-psych, ocult-rock, doom

ETHBAAL.- ‘REPENT OR END UP SUFFERING’ (Polonia) Stoner, sludge, metal, doom

RISE UP, DEAD MAN.- ‘RISE UP, DEAD MAN’ (Sudafrica) psychedelic, experimental, folk, drone, psychedelic

SUPER RAPTOR.- ‘SUPER RAPTOR’ (Ucrania) fuzz, boogie, punk, Stoner, alternative

LEPROUS FIRE.- ‘MOUTH OF GRAVES’ (Suecia) rock, doom, heavy-psych, sludge, psychedelic-rock

V.A..-DOOMED & STONED IN HELLAS (Vol. II)’ (Grecia) stoner, psychedelic-rock, fuzz, doom, metal heavy-psych, desert-rock


1968.-‘SALVATION, IF YOU NEED… (UK) hard-rock, heavy-blues, proto-metal, psychedelic-rock, stoner, rock (reseña aquí)

HOWLING GIANT.- ‘ALTERATION‘ (US) desert-rock, fuzz, heavy-psych, psychedelic-rock, stoner (reseña aquí)

YAATRA.- ‘AGONÍA DE LA TIERRA’ (Argentina) psychedelic-rock, instrumental, heavy-psych, post-rock, progressive-rock, stoner

BONGZILLA.- ‘WEEDSCONSIN‘ (US) doom, heavy-psych, sludge, stoner-doom, weed (reseña aquí)

ARUGULA.- ‘ARUGULA’ (US) heavy-psych, hard-rock, 70’s, rock

THE DEVILS.- ‘BEAST MUST REGRET NOTHIGN’ (Italia) blues, garage-rock, psychedelic, 60’s, 70’s, proto-punk, hard-rock,  

APPLE TRUCK.- ‘THE GUITAR DEMOS EP’ (US) blues-rock, blues, rock, heavy-blues

CIRCLE OF RHINOS.- ‘CROSSROADS BREAD’ (Italia) heavy-psych, instrumental. Hard-rock, heavy-blues, stoner

FREE WHENEVER.- ‘JAM JUNKIES’ (US) psychedelic-rock, psychedelic, heavy-psych, ambient, space, jam, instrumental, smooth jazz,

SACRED SHRINES.- ‘ENTER THE WOODS’ (Australia) psychedelic, psychedelic-rock, vintage, 60’s, garage-rock, psychedelic-pop

VOID VATOR.- ‘GREAT FEAR RISING’ (US) heavy-metal, metal,

BONGZILLA / TONS.- ‘DOOM SESSIONS VOL​.​4 (US-Italia) doom, sludge, metal, stoner

SANTA SANGRE.- ‘DEMO 2021’ (Mexico) doom, sludge, Stoner, psychedelic-rock, heavy-psych

LIQUID MAZE.- ‘SNAKE JAZZ’ (Austria) Stoner, psychedelic-rock, progressive-rock, 70’s

AIWASS.- ‘HIS NAME WAS AIWASS EP’ (US) psychedelic-rock, heavy-psych, doom

LUNAR FUNERAL.- ‘ROAD TO SIBERIA’ (Rusia) psychedelic-rock, blues-rock, garage-rock, alternative,

TYLER KAMEN.- ‘MR. LOON AND HIS SPECTACULAR MACHINE ‘ (US) psychedelic, experimental, progresive, folk, psychedelic-flok


GODS OF SPACE.- ‘AGAINST A FALLING SKY’ (US) heavy-psych, doom, stoner

SURFSQUATCH.- ‘REVEALED’ (US) hard-rock, Stoner, desert-rock, surf, rock

EUDAIMONIA.- ‘RAUSH’ (Alemania) psychedelic, psychedelic-rock, experimental, post-rock, Stoner

DREYMA.- ‘SALVAJE‘ (España) dream-pop, dream-core, alternative, synth-wave

CRICKETBOWS.- ‘RAISED ON ROCK AN ROLL’ (US) psychedelic, psychedelic-rock, progressive, west-coast, rock

FILFTHY HIPPIES.- ‘DEPARTURES’ (Sudafrica) psychedelic, shoegaze, alternative, rock

STYGIAN FAIR.- ‘EQUILIBRIUM’ (Suecia) heavy-rock, heavy-metal, 80’s, classic metal

CONCLAVE.- DAWN OF DAYS’ (US) psychedelic-rock, sludge, Stoner, doom

BIG / BRAVE.- ‘VITAL’ (Canada) doom, heavy-psych, ocult, psychedelic-rock, drone,

MIASMA THEORY.- ‘MIASMA THEORY’ (US) Stoner, heavy-metal,

HIGHLAND EYEWAY.- ‘SPIRIT WRANGLER EP’ (Canada) heavy-psych, psychedelic-rock, shoegaze, doom

NOM SERVIAM.- ‘LE COEUR BAT’ (Francia) experimental, grindcore, industrial, metal,

HRAD VALLIS.- ‘NWOMDM’ (US) Stoner, heavy-rock, doom, desert-rock

GREEN HOG BAND / OPIUM WARLOCK.- ‘GREEN WARLOCK ON OPIUM Split EP’ (US) desert-rock, heavy-psych, doom

SERPENT COBRA.- ‘BEWARE’ (Argentina) proto-metal, 70’s, Stoner-metal, proto-doom

TERRITOIRE.- ‘ÉTUDE DE LA PROFONDEUR’ (Francia) experimental, noise, industrial

BESTIAL PIGLORD.- ‘BULLSHIT’ (US) metal, sludge, psychedelic, stoner

BÖIRA.- ‘CENDRES-MINERAL’ (España) instrumental, post-rock, progressive,


BREATH.- ‘PRIMEVAL TRANSMISIONS’(US) devotional, doom, duo, psych-doom, stoner

ZALOMON GRASS.- ‘THE FOUR TRACK EP FROM THE LIVE SESSION AT RADAR STUDIOS’ (España) heavy-blues, hard-rock, 70’s, rock, retro, vintage

PILOT VOYAGER.-NUCLEAR CANDY BAR’ (Hungría) psychedelic-rock, heavy-psych, space, psychedelic, instrumental, kraut

VDIJOS BAND.- ‘TAKE A CHANCE ON VDIJOS BAND‘ (US) fuzz, psychedelic-rock, stoner, hard-rock, jam

DUNA.- ‘DUNA’ (España) psychedelic, instrumental, post-rock, desert-rock

SLIGHT LAYERS, PREDICTIONS.- ‘DIVINER BLUES SESSIONS’ (Hungría) jam-band, blues-rock, psychedelic, psychedelic-rock, heavy-blues

MOTHERS OF THE LAND.- ‘LIVE AT DEER IN THE HEADLIGHTS STUDIO’ (Austria) hard-rock, instrumental, heavy-psych, progressive-rock, vintage, stoner

SPACE CARAVAN.- ‘SPACE CARAVAN’ (US) Stoner, heavy-blues, doom, fuzz, heravy-rock

ROBOT DEATH MONKEY.- ‘DRUID ODYSSEY’ (UK) Stoner hard-rock, heavy-blues, heavy-rock, fuzz

DIUNA.- ‘PILA DO POMNIKÓW PRZRODY’ (Polonia) psychedelic-rock, Stoner, rock,

ALICESSLEEPING.- ‘COMPLETELY FIRE’ (UK) progressive-rock, rock, alternative,

FROGLORD.-‘SAVE THE FROGS’ (UK) doom, heavy-psych, metal, Stoner-metal,fuzz

EMPTY PALACE.- ‘SECRET NAMES‘ (US) psychedelic, alternative, progressive, post-punk, rock

UNIMOTHER27.- ‘PRESENTE INCOERENTE’ (Italia) experimental, psychedelic, progresvie, psychedelic-rock, kraut, instrumental

ÂGE ⱡ TOTAL.- ‘ÂGE ⱡ TOTAL’ (Francia) alternative, doom, experimental, industrial, metal, noise, shoegaze

KOMATSU.- ‘ROSE OF JERICHO’ (Holanda) stoner, doom, psychedelic-rock, progressive-rock, heavy-psych

JESUS CHRIST MUSCLE CAR.- ‘PLAY IT TO THE BACK: JCMC LIVE’ (US) Stoner hard-rock, heavy-rock, fuzz

THE AGE OF ORE.- ‘TRYING TIMES’ (US) heavy-rock, stoner,

GREEN HOG BAND.-  ‘DARK TERRITORY’ (US) Stoner, Stoner-doom, heavy-psych, doom

SHIMA.- ‘VOL. 2’ (Portugal) psychedelic-rock, space, Stoner, progressive-rock, heavy-psych, instrumental

TIA CARRERA.- ‘VIRAL SESSIONS‘ (US) heavy-psych, Stoner, psychedelic, jam-band, instrumental, acid-rock

STURLE DAGSLAND.- ‘STURLE DAGSLAND‘ (Noruega) alternative, post-rock, progressive, experimental, noprdik-folk, avant-garde

MAD GROOVE – ‘EP’ (Portugal) rock, alternative, blues, psychedelic

LOS CUERVOS DE EDGAR.-  ‘QUEMAR LADO A’ (Argentina) stoner, alternative, hard-rock

HOT BOX SOUND MACHINE.- ‘HOT BOX SOUND MACHINE‘ (US) instrumental, improvisation, psychedelic, rock, experimental

SUPERSOLEIL.- ‘EP #1 VAGUE Á L’AME(Original Mix)’ (Francia) 70’s, garage, blues, stoner, blues

SLEEP OF THOTH.- SLEEP OF THOTH‘ (España) instrumental, doom, metal, stoner, sludge

SELFISH DREAM.- ‘INTERFECTOR‘ (Grecia) ambient, space, drone, kosmiche

INDUS VALLEY KINGS.- ‘INDUS VALLEY KINGS‘ (US) stoner, heavy-psych, fuzz, doom, blues, 70’s proto-metal, desert-rock

HUNDSVAERD.- ‘TVALAMOND‘ (2021) (Noruega) hard-rock, 70’s, retro, blues-rock, rock, psychedelic

PSYCHEDELIC PORN CRUMPETS.- ‘SHYGA! THE SUNLIGHT MOUND’ (Australia) psychedelic, alternative, progressive, psychedelic-rock, rock, kraut