DUEL.- ‘IN CARNE PERSONA’ (US) heavy-rock, 70’s, proto-metal, stoner

GONDHAWA.- ‘KÄAMPÄLA’  (Francia) rock, psychedelic-rock, afrobeat, progressive,

3RD EAR EXPERIENCE.- ‘DANNY FRANKEL’S 3RD EAR EXPERIENCE’ (US) psychedelic-rock, space, jam,

HIMMELLEGEME.- ‘VARIOLA VERA’ (Noruega) psychedelic, progressive-rock, psychedelic-rock, rock, progressive

ACID SONS.-VOLUME 1 – LIVE FROM THE FLATLANDS’ (UK) Stoner, desert-rock, psychedelic-rock, fuzz

PSYCHEDELIC SOURCE RECORDS.- ‘BLUES FOR LA VIEJA’ (Hungría) psychedelic-rock, jam-band, improvistion, blues, space, experimental , heavy-psych

THE BUZZARDS OF FUZZ.- THE BUZZARDS OF FUZZ (US) psychedelic-rock, heavy-psych, desert-rock, fuzz, stoner

ØRESOUND SPACE COLLECTIVE.- ‘RELAXING IN THE HIMALAYA’ (Dinamarca) psychedelic, space, oriental, psychedelic-rock, jam

COSMIC MASS.- ‘ALINEATION‘ (Portugal) psychedelic-rock, stoner, punk, garage, heavy-psych

CRYSTAL SPIDERS.- ‘MORIERIS’ (US) blues, stoner hard-rock, psychedelic-rock, fuzz

WEEDIAN (V.A.).‘TRIP TO GREECE’ Stoner, psychedelic-rock, desert-rock, heavy-psych, fuzz, hard-rock, blues-rock, doom

MERLIN.- ‘ELECTRIC CHILDREN: THE FINAL CUT’ (US) psychedelic-rock, heavy-psych, Stoner, doom

GURANFOE.- ‘NEK AN HEW‘ (UK) psychedelic, jam-band, progressive, instrumental, folk, rock

TELEPHONE EXCHANGE.- ‘TELEGRAFOS DE MEXICO’ (Mexico) kraut, kosmiche, psychedelic-rock, post-punk, electronic,

RED ON.- ‘DRUMS’ (Alemania) electronic, psychedelic, kraut, ambient, experimental

CEPHUS.- ORGANICISM’ (US) hard-rock, rock, fuzz, psychedelic-rock

PÄÄKALLO.- ‘KUOLEMAN TAIKA‘ (Finlandia) alternative, psychedelic-rock, blues-rock, ocult, 70’s

SMOTE.- ‘DROMMON’ (UK) psychedelic-rock, drone, folk, acid-rock, psychedelic, mid-east

BATTOSAI.- ‘BATTOSAI’ (España) alternative, 90’s, psychedelic-rock, Stoner, grunge, heavy-psych, punk-rock

VOID MASTER.- ‘FEEDBACK, SEEDS AND STEMS’ (US) psychedelic-rock, doom, heavy-psych, drone, sludge

VOID MASTER.- ‘FEEDBACK, SEEDS AND STEMS (INSTRUMENTAL)’ (US) psychedelic-rock, doom, heavy-psych, drone

FHILTY HIPPIES.- ‘ANIMAL FARM’ (Sudafrica) alternative, shoegaze, psychedelic, psychedelic-rock, noise

TOOM.- ‘BEHOLD THE BASILIK’ (UK) doom, fuzz, metal, stoner, desert-rock

THE MISERY MAN.- ‘DEVILLUSION’ (US) desert-rock, hard-rock, Stoner, grunge, doom, fuzz, psychedelic-rock

BLACK BERRY BIRDS.- ‘NAMELESS’ (Ucrania) heavy-rock, stoner, alternative, heavy-blues, psychedelic-rock


THE INSEKTIFE CYCLE.- ‘SUPERSTRUNG!’ (Filipinas) heavy-psych, psychedelic-rock, Stoner, instrumental, heavy-rock, progresive-rock

ORPHAN GEARS.- ‘ORPHAN GEARS’ (UK) Stoner, alternative, heavy-rock, doom, fuzz, garage-punk

DEAD PANDA.- ‘SKULL’ (US) Stoner, fuzz, punk


THE ELECTRIC MUD.- “BURN THE SHIPS” (Alemania) hard-rock, proto-metal southern-rock, stoner, 70’s, blues-rock

BISMUT.- “RETROCAUSALITY” (Holanda) post-metal, heavy-psych, Stoner, instrumentl

PIMMIT HILLS.- “HEATHENS & PROPHETS” (US) heavy-blues, hard-rock

JAMES VIECO.- “NIMAYA” (España) rock, classic-rock, alternative, psychedelic, blues, post-grunge

BURNING BIRDS.- “TAKE A RIDE” (Francia) blues-rock, fuzz, heavy-blues, Stoner, desert-rock

ROLLIN’ DICE.- “REROLL” (Grecia) heavy-rock, stoner, hard-rock, 70’s

ASTEROID Nº 4.- “NORTHERN SONGS” (US) psychedelic-rock, neo-psychedelic

LIZARD QUEEN.- “CULT OF LOTUS” (Italia) psychedelic-rock, doom, stoner

DOOMSLANG.- “PIER DELLA VIGNA” (Brasil) Stoner, doom, ocult-rock, rock

HURRIAH.- “THE CLOSING OVERTURE” (Suecia) heavy-rock, progressive, psychedelic

BONGTOWER.- “LAST SUMMER DAYS” (Rusia) metal, doom, psychedelic, Stoner, fuzz, blues, sludge

JUSTIN PINKERTON.- “AAK’AB“ (US) experimental, psychedelic, electronic, space, instrumental, kraut

MOUNTAIN TAMER.- «PSYCHOSIS RITUAL” (US) heavy-psych, doom, stoner

LAS TRUMIEN.- “LAS TRUMIEN” (Polonia) sludge, metal, stoner

CRYSTAL SPIDERS.- “MOLT” (US) psych-doom, stoner

GIANTS DWARFS AND THE BLACK HOLES.- “EVERWILL“ (Alemania) 70’s, blues-rock, psychedelic-rock, heavy-rock, Stoner, acid-rock

SOMMUS THRONE.- “SHOMMUS THRONE” (US) heavy-psych, doom, Stoner, metal

NOMADAS.- “ARMAGEDOM” (Chile) rock, Stoner, proto-doom

PARISH.- “GOD’S RIGHT HAND” (UK) proto-metal, hard & heavy, 70’s

MAN OF MOON.- “DAR SEA” (UK) rock, psychedelic-rock, alternative

PAINTED DOLL.- “HOW TO DRAW FIRE” (US) psychedelic-rock, garage-rock, stoner

GUDARS SKYMNING.- “OLYCKSFAGEL” (Suecia) heavy-progressive, 70’s, hard-rock, progressive-rock, Stoner, psychedelic-rock

WAR CLOUD.- “CHAIN GANG EP” (US) heavy-metal

MOON GOOSE.- “THE WAX MONSTER LIVES BEHIND THE FIRST ROW OF TREES” (UK) space-rock, psychedelic-rock, kraut, experimental, progressive

SEUM.- “SUMMER OF SEUM” (Canada) sludge, doom, metal

INSTANT BONER.- “HIGH PLACE PHENOMENON” (Grecia) psychedelic-rock, Stoner, 70’s, jazz, rock

WHITE DOG.- “WHITE DOG” (US) classic-rock, hard-rock, 70’s, blues-rock,

MELODY FIELDS.- “BROKEN HORSE”(Suecia) psychedelic, psychedelic-rock, 60’s

OCEAN TOWERS.- “STRANGE ROADS” (Canada) psychedelic-rock, heavy-psych, Stoner, kraut

MONEGROS ACID RESORT.- “THE BAD TRIP” (España) experimental, stoner, doom, psychedelic-rock

WICCA.- “YOU SOW YOUR CROP” (Argentina) fuzz, desert-rock, Stoner,

BUTCHER BROWN.- “KINGBUTCH” (US) funk, rock, jazz, soul hip-hop, fussion

LASER DRACUL.- “HAGRIDEN” (Suecia) heavy-rock, Stoner, doom, sludge

DESERT LORD.- “SYMBOLS” (Finlandia) Stoner, doom, metal

EYE OF DOOM.- “CURSE OF THE PHARAOH” (Canada) heavy-psych, doom, space, progressive

BOSPHORUS.- “SLOW BURN” (UK) sludge, post-metal, doom

KASKADEUR.- “PART OF YOUR DNA” (Alemania) post-rock, progresive, kraut, math-rock, psychedelic

1782 / ACID MAMMOTH.- “DOOM SESSIONS VOL. 2” (Italia) doom, psych, fuzz

WITHOUT GOD.- “LIVE NIGHT WITH CRAB ON A FIELD” (Rusia) Stoner, sludge, psychedelic, heavy-metal, fuzz