MOLTEN GOLD.- ‘FUTURE’S PAST‘ (Noruega) hard-progressive, 70’s, hard-rock, psychedelic-rock, vintage, clasic-rock (reseña aquí)

LORD MOUNTAIN.- ‘THE OATH’ (US) 70’s, 80’s, hard-rock, heavy-metal, heavy-rock, proto-doom, proto-metal, vintage (reseña aquí)

TIDAL WAVE.- ‘THE LORD KNOWS’ (Suecia) 70’s, 90’s, desert rock, fuzz, proto-metal, psychedelic-rock, stoner, stoner-doom (reseña aquí)

MIND OVERLOCK.- ‘CRAZY MUSIC FOR WEIRD PEOPLE‘ (UK) psychedelic-rock, vintage, 70’s, funk (reseña aquí)

WHITE HEAVEN.- ‘STRANGE BEDFELLOW’ (Japón) hard-rock, psychedelic-rock, 70’s, rock, blues, west-coast,

LONDON ODENSE EMSEMBLE.- ‘JAIYEDE SESSIONS VOL. 2’ (Dinamarca) experimental, psychedelic, jazz, progressive, space, ambient

VULCANODON PHAZER.- ‘SORCERERS OF AVALON’ stoner, heavy-psych, stoner- doom fuzz

FOR I AM KING.- ‘CROWN‘ (Holanda) post-metal, metal, progressive-metal

THE DEVILS.- LIVE AT MAXIMUM FESTIVAL’ (Italia) proto-punk, rock & roll, alternative, blues, garaje-rock

THE LAISSEZ FAIRS.- ‘SINGING IN YOUR HEAD’ (US) garage, 60’s, psychedelic, pop bubblegum

MOWGLI.- ‘GUEULE DE BOA’ (Francia) experimental, jazz, elctronic, psychedelic

PYRAMID SUNS.- ‘REFLECTIONS‘ (Malta) psychedelic, rock, progressive, grunge

TEX.- ‘GOODSTONE’ (US) psychedelic-rock, shoegaze, garage, alternative, rock, kraut,

ATSUKO CHIBA.- ‘WATER, IT FEELS LIKE IT’S GROWING’ (Canada) experimental, progressive, post-rock, progressive-rock, psychedelic-rock

ENDTIME & COSMIC REAPER.- ‘DOOM SESSIONS VOL. VII (Suecia-US) doom, space, stoner, heavy-psych

SONS OF TH ORANGE POISON – SOULCOVEN ASTRAL AZIF ‘SONS OF THE ASTRAL COVEN’ (Mexico) heavy-pysch, psychedelic-rock, stoner, fuzz, doom

KRACHWERKE.- ‘S – O – R – I – T – E – S’ (UK) desert-rock, stoner, heavy-psych, fuzz, stoner-metal

OCULT DAWN.- ‘PSALMS I‘ (Malasia) stoner, doom, metal

BONES:DREAMING.- ‘ACID MEDITATIONS’ (Alemania) drone, dark, experimental, ambient

JEFFK.- ‘TAR’ (Alemania) post-rock, post-metal, experimental, instrumental

MAZANKO .- ‘PSYCHOSOMATIC WAVES’ electronic, experimental art-rock,

GYPSY CHIEF GOLIATH & END OF AGE.- ‘TURNED TO STONE CHAPTER 7’ (Canada-US) stoner, doom, heavy-psych, psychedelic-rock, hard-rock

FROGSKIN.-  ‘III – INTO DISGUST’ (Finlandia) sludge, hard-core, stoner metal, doom

O SLUGGARD.- ‘DRAGGING TIME’ (Australia) stoner, sludge,


CHAMÁN.- ‘MALEZA‘ (Argentina) heavy-psych, psychedelic-rock, jam-band, heavy-blues

DRUIDS.- ‘VOL. 1’ (Italia) fuzz, Stoner, proto-metal, heavy-rock, heavy-psych, doom

SUPERMOON.- ‘SUPERMOON’ (Grecia) psychedelic-rock, stoner, folk, rock, space, doom

CAVE SUNS.- ‘SURT SKUM (LIVE)’  (UK) psychedelic-rock, kraut, stoner, psychedelic, jam

STONEFORGE.- ‘ASH MAJOR ‘ (Suiza) blues, psychedelic-rock, Stoner, heavy-psych, desert-rock

PIER PRESSURE.- ‘PIER PRESSURE’ (US) 70’s, hard-rock, blues-rock, psychedelic-rock, proto-metal

HEAVY RELICS.- ‘THE APPARITION OF THE GREAT CABALA‘ (UK) heavy-psych, instrumental, psychedelic-rock, Stoner

GUITARS ON DRUGS.- ‘SPIES AND DUB’ (US) psychedelic, vintage, fuzz, garage-rock, instrumental, 60’s

OMODO.- ‘SUJO VELUDO‘ (Portugal) alternative, psychedelic, post-rock, progressive

COSMIC MARAUDER.- ‘VENUS RYDER’ (Alemania) heavy-psych, Stoner, heavy-blues,

SONIC DEMON.- ‘VENDETTA’ (Italia) heavy-psych, stoner, fuzz, instrumental, acid, psychedelic-rock, space-rock

ELECTRIC OCTOPUS.- ‘INCLINATIONS‘ (UK) psychedelic, jam, improvisation, psychedelic-rock, heavy-psych, instrumental.

DYING SUN.- ‘DOOMSDAY COMETH’ (Australia) heavy-rock, heavy-metal, stoner, hard-rock

DUNDERFOOT.- ‘II’ (Suecia) fuzz, Stoner, hard & heavy, heavy-blues

ODYSSEY DAWN.- ‘SMOKE AND MIRRORS’ (US) Stoner, heavy.rock, hard-rock


ULTRAMAFIC.- ‘IMPROVS VOL. 2’ (US) instrumental, jam, heavy-psych, psychedelic-rock

TEX.- ‘ GOOD STONE DEMOS‘ (US) psychedelic-rock, shoegaze, alternative

OBVODNY SPACE CHANNEL.- ‘Стадия №01: Эстетический барьер‘ (Rusia) improvisation, heavy-psych, psychedelic, kraut, jam

OLD SERPENT.- ‘OCCULT PORTRAITS‘ (Grecia) heavy-metal, metal,

AFGHAN HAZE.- ‘NIHILISTIC STONER HYMNS’ (US) doom, sludge, Stoner, metal, fuzz

PÄRSON SOUND.- ‘PÄRSON SOUND’ (Suecia) experimental, psychedelic-rock, Avant-garde, space-rock, kraut, heavy-psych, drone

WENDIGO.- ‘WASTELAND STORIES‘ (REMASTERED) (Alemania) Stoner, hard-rock, blues-rock

OLDE CROW.- ‘MASQUERADE’ (Canada) Stoner, Stoner,metal,

FRYGUY AND THE BURNOUTS.- ‘CHEMICALS’ (Canada) stoner, rock, heavy-rock, experimental, metal

SO LONG, ALBATROSS.- ‘WAIT A MINUTE, MAN’ (US) hard-rock, fuzz, Stoner, covers, punk, heavy-rock

RODINIA.- ‘MODERLAND’ (US) heavy-psych, psychedelic-rock, hard-rock, Stoner, progressive-rock

WILDCHILD.- ‘UNPLUGGED’ (Rumania) blues-rock, 70’s, rock

BLACKJACK MOUNTAIN.- ‘OLDING TIME’ (US) Stoner, fuzz, hard-rock

OGUA.- ‘CHAPTER 2‘ (US) psychedelic-rock, psychedelic, rock, instrumental, experimental

DIVE.- ‘DIVE EP’ (UK) psychedelic-rock, stoner, fuzz, psychedelic, neo-psychedelic, rock

THE NOBLE MANES.- ‘HYSTERIA OF BEING’ (US) psychedelic-rock, alternative, rock