MARS RED SKY.- «“THE TASK ETERNAL” (Francia) doom, heavy-psych, progressive, stoner, psychedelic, space


THE WEIGHT.- «LIVE TAPES» (Austria) hard-rock, boogie-rock, blues-rock, 70’s psychedelic-rock

SUPER SNAKE.- «VOLUME 4: INFLUENZA FOREVER» (US)psychedelic-rock, alternative, psychedelic

TEMPLES.- «HOT MOTION» (UK) psychedelic, alternative

NAZCA SPACE FOX.- «PI» (Alemania) heavy-psych, instrumental, post-rock, psychedelic-rock, stoner

LOS TÁBANOS EXPERIENCE.- «RISE OF THE MELTED EAGLE» (Chile) heavy-psych, psychedelic-rock, stoner, experimental

HOWLING GIANT.- «THE SPACE BETWEEN WORLDS» (US) hard-rock, hard & heavy, stoner, rock, progressive

SWEDISH DEATH CANDY.- «ARE YOU NERVOUS?» (UK) psychedelic, psychedelic-rock, alternative

CULT OF LUNA.- «A DOWN TO FEAR» (Suecia) post-metal, progressive-metal, sludge

BISON MACHINE.- «SEAS OF TITAN» (US) hard-rock, 70’s, vintage, fuzz,

OCCULT HAND ORDER.- «OCCULT HAND ORDER» (Francia) doom, stoner, heavy-psych

WAR CLOUD.«STATE OF SHOCK» (US) heavy-metal, 80’s hard & heavy, hard-rock

NEBULA DRAG.- «BLUG» (US) psychedelic-rock, fuzz, heavy-psych, desert-rock

KEZIAH MASON.- «IV» (Francia) stoner, doom, instrumental, heavy-psych

GOATESS.- «BLOOD AND WINE» (Suecia) doom, metal, heavy-psych

POOR LITTLE THINGS.- «DISCO’S BURNING» (Suiza) hard-rock, glam-rom, rock & roll, 

IRON & STONE.- «YOU CAN’T STOP WHAT’S COMING» (Alemania) heavy-rock, stoner, doom

DOPE DEFAULT.- «IMPRISONED» (Grecia) stoner, heavy-metal, fuzz, grunge, metal

MOTHER’S GREEN.- «SWIMMING IN THE SUN» (Uruguay) stoner, progressive

GOATSCHLAGER.- «SUN WITCH-VOL. III» (UK) heavy-psych, stoner, fuzz 

BLACK SIRE.- «BLACK SIRE» (US) fuzz, doom, , heavy-psych




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