J.I.R.M.- Interview (English)


Before the imminent visit to Spain of the Swedish band J.I.R.M. (JEREMY IRONS AND THE RATGANG MALIBUS) the next days 5, 6 and 7 of July of the hand of Red Sun Barcelona, ​​we chatted with them.

DenpaFuzz: Why did you decide to change the name of the band from Jeremy Irons & The Ratgang Malibus to JIRM?

J.I.R.M.: It’s easier. For everybody. 

DenpaFuzz: Do you think it is working better for you with the new name?

J.I.R.M.: Don’t think it matters that much. Maybe it’s easier to embrace a different sound when making a change in the name as well.

DenpaFuzz: Surge Ex Monumentis. What does the title mean? And what does the album represent in the band’s career?

J.I.R.M.: It’s something like “From Fombs Arise” in Latin. A connection to the final track of the album. Sounded cooler in latin. 
For us it’s a nice feeling that we can still make new choices of paths in the way we want to sound and still feel satisfied with the results. It’s been sort of like a distinct change of sound in each of our releases in the past. I guess it comes natural. It’s nothing that we planned or whatever. So I guess it represents a change, but that’s nothing new. 

DenpaFuzz:  Correct me if I’m wrong but this new album has a bit of a heavy metal feel to it. This didn’t happen in your past albums (or at least not so prominently). Any particular reason for this?

J.I.R.M.: We’ve always been fascinated in metal and been trying to put some elements of it in the creative mix. Especially black metal. It has a special feeling. It differs quite a lot from other metal genres. A honest feeling. And then I guess we experimented more with a heavier sound this time. Both in the riffs and in the guitar sound and so on. We really like other bands that have mixed stuff with black metal. Like oranssi pazuzu, PH, ghost and stuff like that.

DenpaFuzz: Can you tell us a bit about the writing process?

J.I.R.M.: Since we all moved away from Stockholm to different cities in Sweden it has been harder to get together and jam or rehearse or hang out or whatever, so the songwriting has been done more doing lots of demo recordings sent back and forth over the net between members. 
The lyrics have been a huge trip for Karl. He always had the feeling that he wanted to try out new stuff and new ways of writing or different inputs. This time he’s been trying to describe feelings ‘round a subject that isn’t directly something he’ s experienced but maybe a friend or a social change or something. But then ultimately ending up describing all this shit out of his own experiences in life. 
He think this is sort of like the basics in humanistic knowledge. Taking a collective experience and referring it to one self. It’s really interesting.

DenpaFuzz: And what about the recording process? How was it?

J.I.R.M.: It was done in Viktors own studio “Puch” in Stockholm. It’s always a pleasure recording together. It’s like filing years of creative activity. 

DenpaFuzz: What are your biggest influences?
J.I.R.M.: Loud noises and ourselves in terms of reaching to the next checkpoint in the life of JIRM.

DenpaFuzz: What inspires JIRM besides music?
J.I.R.M.: The patriarchy and how you in your imagination could smash it with your mix of guitars and pedals.

DenpaFuzz: What’s your goal as a band?
J.I.R.M.: We like to see it as a progress rather than a project.

DenpaFuzz: What can your Spanish fans expect from your shows?
J.I.R.M.: They can expect their jaws being dropped and probably expect themselves saying the words “how are you not huge?!”

DenpaFuzz: Which band you’d like to share the stage and why?
J.I.R.M.: We’re not into the same music any of us… So it’s impossible to say one band.

DenpaFuzz: Which band or musician from the past would you like to share a stage with if possible?
J.I.R.M.: So it’s impossible to say one band.

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